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Coronavirus In California: The State Now Orders Over 40 Million Residents To Stay Indoors

Coronavirus In California: Coronavirus has shaken up the entire world. It is forcing countries to take extreme actions. The disease originated from a market in Wuhan; China has reached all around the world.

The disease has already taken a toll on more than 9000 lives. Unless we take necessary precautions and stand together, coronavirus will take over humans.

California: The State Orders Residents To Stay Indoors

Since coronavirus is a highly contagious disease, social distancing is very very important. Social distancing is one of the critical elements that can put an end to this widespread. Also, necessary precautions, like washing hands regularly, can be of great help.

Coronavirus In CaliforniaGovernor of California Gavin Newsom has requested to all the citizens of California to stay at home. Mr Newsom has taken the drastic step to make sure the residents of California are safe and in good health.

The governor said he hopes that people will voluntarily obey the order to stay at home. He said “This is not a permanent state. This is a moment in time. We will look back at these decisions as pivotal. People, I think, recognize the need to do more and to meet this moment”.

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Here’s What Newsom Had To Say Regarding The Lockdown (Coronavirus In California)

Newsom officially announced that all the citizens that are all 40 million of them should stay at home. He requests everyone to stay home in the coming weeks as the outbreak is increasing day by day. All the people of California will be home arrested and will go out if truly necessary. This action will continue until further notice. So that means it’s a complete lockdown for California.

Coronavirus In California

Mr Newsom said that most retail shops, including indoor malls, and most corporate offices are being ordered to shut across the state. Banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, laundromats and some other businesses are excluded.

He made it clear that this does not mean people can’t go out for walks unless you keep at least six feet distance from each other. Health care workers and some government employees will still have to work.

Newsom’s announcement came right after the officials in Los Angeles ordered people to stay home. They should only go out for essential needs or jobs. All schools, colleges, shopping complexes will be shut down. President of America Donald Trump has also announced an emergency in the entire country due to the outbreak.

Coronavirus In California

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