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Coronavirus : How Streaming Platforms Will Benefit Amid Quarantined


David Mudd

Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that’s taking a toll on everyone’s life in the world. But if there’s something that’s benefiting from the outbreak, then it’s online streaming platforms.

Coronavirus Benefits Streaming Platforms

Streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu seems to benefit from the global pandemic and Quarantined that’s forcing everyone to stay indoors and do nothing. The home services can take advantage of the situation as everyone’s forced to be at home.


A Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease. Netflix will surely benefit if consumers stay home. It can bring in new consumers as people have nothing to do at home. Due to Coronavirus colleges, schools, malls, everything’s getting shut down, so primarily the youth are staying indoors. So this could bring in more traffic to the streaming giants than they already have. The already subscribes costumers watch more and more series and films while at home.

According to reports, Netflix shares up by 0.8 per cent just this week. Other platforms that benefited from the Coronavirus are Facebook, Amazon Prime, Peloton and Slack.

Perry Sook, CEO of TV giant Nexstar Media Group recently told that “if Coronavirus cases become “more widespread in the United States, so there will be more Quarantined at home. All of that could potentially benefit our business because we’d be the primary source of entertainment”.


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Does The Quarantined Benefit Netflix?

To some level, yes, it does. More and more subscribers can come in as they will be bored at home. But at the same time Laura Martin, senior entertainment analyst at New York-based Needham and Company says, “the logic that just because somebody’s staying in, that’s good for everybody that does TV, that’s simplistic”.

Netflix only makes money through monthly subscription charges. So she points out the fact that if a subscriber watches for an hour or 24 hours, it’s the same for the platform.

Martin also points out that due to the outbreak, many employers in the US and other places might have been suspended with no payment. So they’ll probably choose bread over their Netflix subscription. So that rules out new subscribers coming in and loosing the already subscribed ones.


But meanwhile, the platform certainly seems to have some of the other benefits from the Quarantined and Coronavirus situation. That’s what the numbers say—but saying that we genuinely hope that the outbreak comes to an end. So that people can continue their daily activities like before, and everyone can stay healthy.