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Coronavirus: How China Slowed The Spread Of COVID-19 By Over 7 Lakh Cases


David Mudd

The world is shaking with the terror of Coronavirus. It is spreading like a wildfire in our slow, stable lives and it is China we look back at for all the panic around.

The wet markets of Wuhan is the open responsible for the rise of Coronavirus in the first place. However, the country that gives rise to something as dangerous as the COVID-19 disease is taking major steps to slow it down.

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China Goes Under Lock down To Slow Down Coronavirus Spread

A new international study reports China shutting down the epicenter of Coronavirus outbreak- Wuhan. Along with Wuhan, the central Chinese province of Hubei is also under lock down.

The measures of lockdown in Wuhan includes shutting down of the inter-city public transport, the arenas concerning entertainment and public gathering places.

It is because of The Wuhan travel ban and a Level-1 national emergency response put forward by China that 7 lakh cases of COVID-19 from outside did not reach China.

Therefore, it is because of the Wuhan shutdown that COVID-19 did not turn into an epidemic in China.

Corona Virus

China’s Estimates On Controlling The Spread Of COVID-19

As already stated, China prevents 700,000 cases of COVID-19 due to its Wuhan shutdown.

Along with that, China estimates to slow down the spread of COVID-19 by 2.91 days in other cities of China.

“Cities that implemented control measures preemptively reported 33.3% fewer cases in the first week of their outbreaks compared with cities that started control later”, a study reports. As of 19th February 2020, China reports 75, 535 cases of Coronavirus suspection.

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China Rises To Level 1 Emergency To Control The Spread Of Coronavirus


China did not delay in declaring the spread of Coronavirus as a national emergency case. Around January 23rd 2020, China rises to Level 1 emergency. It means that suspects and confirmed cases are put in isolation.

Along with that, public transport, schools and places of public gathering are all shut down. China also carries out health check ups on migrants.

In the process of strengthening the measure to slow the spread of COVID-19, travel in and out of cities stands prohibited.

Meanwhile, the entire globe is following up on this measures and magnifying it until the pandemic gets its cure.