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Coronavirus: Here’s What The World’s Billionaires Losing In Shares And Wealth


David Mudd

Coronavirus And Economy: Coronavirus is hating everyone and everything as it spreads. With the entertainment industry already facing the effects of the virus, the economy is also taking a hit. Here is how much the world’s billionaires are losing.

The Billionaires Losing Billions (Coronavirus And Economy)

Due to the coronavirus threat, markets are crashing. Many big enterprises are facing losses going up to billions. Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, lost 9.42 billion dollars. Charles Koch, Francois Pinault, and Sheldon Adelson are also in loss ranging between 10-15 billion dollars.

The CEO of Reliance enterprises, Mukesh Ambani, lost over 20 billion dollars. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, also lost more than 17 billion dollars. Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerburg, Amancio Ortega, and Bernard Arnault are losing 20-40 billion dollars themselves. In total, the world’s billionaires are losing up to $400 billion in total.

Coronavirus And Economy


The Coronavirus Pandemic 

WHO has declared the virus a pandemic, seeing its devastating effects. Many countries are reporting a spike in the number of corona cases. More than 100 countries are reporting cases of the disease, and the death toll is rising continuously.

The rising number of cases is also paving the way for the rise in the death toll. The death toll is rising above 8000 deaths globally. Many countries are on lock-down while others have shut down schools and theatres.

Coronavirus And Economy

More than ten nations, along with the US, are reporting more than 1000 identified instances alone. Italy and Spain have more than 10,000 cases apart. The number of affected people is growing at staggering levels with more than 500,000 global cases.

The Coronavirus: How To Prevent The Spread? (Coronavirus And Economy)

Everyone should practice social distancing and limit contact with others as much as possible. Also, people should only leave their homes if absolutely necessary. People should wash their hands at regular intervals.

Therefore, the youth should take extra precautions to help contain the virus. Remember, just because you are young and have a better chance of survival does not mean others do too.

Coronavirus And Economy


People with lung problems and the elderly are also vulnerable to the virus. The corona spreads in unhygienic conditions and through close contact with affected people. It is more susceptible to people who already have a chronic physical disease. Strict protocols for maintaining personal hygiene are being promoted to ensure the safety of the people.

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