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Coronavirus: Germany Infection Rate Rises After Lockdown Eased,As Thousands Protest Restrictions


David Mudd

Germany saw a rise in its infection rate after the lockdown eased. Furthermore, thousands of people came on the street to protest. They want the government to drop all the restrictions. Read ahead to know more. Also, find out the current status of the coronavirus cases in Germany.

Coronavirus Status In Germany

Germany has the sixth most coronavirus cases in Europe. According to The Robert Koch Institute of disease, Germany has 171,999 COVID-19 cases to date. Moreover, 145,600 people have recovered.

However, 7569 people have died. The country has managed to contain the fatalities. Thanks to timely actions taken by the German Government. They conducted thousands of tests in the early stage.

Also, they utilized their advanced healthcare system to its best. Germany implemented and spread the World Health Organisation COVID-19 guidelines at the earliest to educate people about the same.

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Protestors In Munich

The German Government relaxed lockdown to a certain extent. Moreover, they allowed the opening of shops, schools, and offices reopening in certain regions only. Moreover, they said lockdown restrictions will be imposed again if there is a rise in the infection.

More than 3000 people join the protest movement on the streets of Munich. They demanded all the restrictions be removed and resume normal life in the country. Moreover, many in the crowd ignored the social distancing rule.

However, the police did not halt as it could have escalated the situation. Moreover, you don’t want a crowd going out of control during such desperate times.

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Rise In Infection Rate

The Robert Koch Institute of disease control announced that Germany’s COVID-19 infection rate had risen to 1.1. Moreover, the infection rate rises when it goes above 1. Earlier, the rate was 0.7.

Therefore, the German Government started to reopen economic hubs in the country to revive the economy. But after the mass protest in Munich, the infection rate rose to 1.1. Therefore, lockdown restrictions had to be imposed again.