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Coronavirus: From Ben Affleck To Ryan Reynolds, Celebrities Aid In Helping The Affected


David Mudd

The coronavirus continues to affect people across the globe. As a result, communities are coming together to provide help. The virus has also shut down many productions and music festivals. Hollywood and other artists are coming together to provide relief for the people.

Hollywood Unites Against Corona

The Hollywood stars Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively are donating $1 million to battle corona. They are giving to Feed America and Food Banks, Canada. These charities help in providing hunger relief to the people. Therefore, their contribution will make a big impact in fighting corona.

Former Disney actress Venessa Hudgens also donated to a relief organization. Oscar-winning director of Parasit, Bong Joon Ho, also donated to a relief fund in South Korea to help those in need.

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Musicians Battling The Coronavirus

Lady Gaga recently decided to donate 20 percent of her earnings through her makeup brand Haus Labs to various relief programs. Justin Timberlake also gave to a food bank. His donation is in his home town of Memphis. Thus, the food bank will help to deliver food to families in need.

Justin Beiber also donated to a children’s charity in China. His $29,000 donation will help in corona relief efforts. He also tells people to look out for each other on his social media.

Fashion Designers Help Italy

Recently, Italy sees a rise in the number of corona cases. The surge is making Italy a hotspot for the virus. Fashion icon Donatella Versace and her daughter are donating 200,000 euros to assist with the situation.

Giorgio Armani is also donating $1.9 million to help with relief efforts. The donations are helping San Raffaele and other hospitals in Italy.

Celebrities like Ben Affleck, Josh Gad, Natalie Portman, and Bella Hadid are encouraging people to donate. The corona has also affected the Hollywood star Tom hanks and his wife. They are also supporting efforts to contain the virus.

Coronavirus Update

The coronavirus is officially a pandemic now. It was discovered in China in December 2019. It is spreading across the world and affecting thousands. The number of cases globally is at 185,000 and counting. The death toll is now more than 7000 across the globe.

Authorities are encouraging people to stay safe. Taking care of yourself is very important.