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Coronavirus: France Announces Lockdown Amid Pandemic Concerns

The threat of the coronavirus is looming large in the world. It only seems to be getting worse for now. Many countries like Spain and Italy are on lockdown for an indefinite period.

Other countries are also taking drastic steps to curb the problem. Now, France is also locking down various businesses to prevent the spread of the virus.


France Implements 15-Day Lockdown 

President Emanuel Macron recently announced on television that there will be a fifteen-day lockdown in the country. The lockdown starting Tuesday will limit the travel of people within the state. Various guidelines were also announced for the citizens to follow on Coronavirus.

The guidelines state that people will not leave their residence unless absolutely necessary. People shall leave in case of an emergency or to access healthcare. Pharmacies and grocery stores will remain open. However, citizens should try not to leave their homes to meet friends and family.

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Anyone who fails to follow the guidelines will receive penalties. Checks and controls to monitor the situation will be in place. Macron also says that,” We are in a health war.” and appeals to the citizens’ sense of responsibility and solidarity


Provisions To Combat Economic Crash

Markets all around the world are facing the effects of the coronavirus as well. The virus is affecting not only humans but society as a whole. Various countries are also seeing a fall in their economy.

Macron also addresses the provisions for businesses that are failing because of the damage caused by the Coronavirus. The requirements include bank loans up to $300 billion. There will be hotels and taxis arranged, and all expenses will be covered. Daycare facilities will also be available for families of the workers.

Macron also pledges that no company will go bankrupt, regardless of its size. The French director-general of health is also encouraging people to cooperate and act responsibly. He says that the “low levels of respecting the guidelines” are making it harder to contain the virus.

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Coronavirus: Italy, Spain And Other Countries On Lockdown


WHO recently announced the Coronavirus as a pandemic. The death toll of the pandemic is now at 7200 and counting. More than 100 countries are affected, and there are more than 185,000 cases globally.

Italy and Spain are becoming hot spots for the Coronavirus. Both countries are on lockdown with strict health protocols in place. Many other European countries are reporting a rise in the number of cases. European Union is also banning travel for 30 days.

Everyone is trying to stay indoors and practice social distancing, which is becoming a trend on social media. Therefore, taking care of oneself and caring about others is essential in this time of crisis.

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