Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know About The “Shelter In Place” Order


David Mudd

COVID-19 is becoming furious by every passing day. This pandemic makes the world afraid. Millions of people from across the globe are in quarantine and self-isolation. The whole world is uniting to fight back against the coronavirus outbreak. The world is on lockdown now. Governments of affected countries are passing different laws just to prevent the virus from spreading. “Shelter in place” is such an order that we all need to know about it.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Shelter In Place

Most of us already have lots of information about it. SARS-CoV-2 Is the main cause of COVID-19 disease. This outbreak was identified in Wuhan, China for the first time. But the current epicenter of this virus outbreak in Europe especially Italy, France, and the UK. It has very common symptoms that people don’t pay attention to in the first place. That’s why it is spreading rapidly. This virus spreads between people via respiratory droplets.

Governments are trying to prevent COVID-19 from spreading which leads the world towards curfew.

“Shelter In Place” Order Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Normally, the “Shelter in place” order is used for emergencies. But now the government is using this order to limit the spread of coronavirus. The public has to stay in their homes and can do only essential trips like banks, medical care or groceries. Governments of many countries already passed the “Shelter in place” order.

  • California: Governor Gavin Newsom passed the “Shelter in place” in California to keep 40 million Californians in their homes. Only essential stores like the medical store, grocery store, banks, etc will be available. Californians can leave their home only for doing necessary works. Otherwise, they have to stay in.
  • New York: Andrew Cuomo, governor of NY City ordered “Shelter in place” law. Only daily and necessities will be available. He banned all people’s gatherings and asked the public to do work from home.
  • Louisiana: The Mayor of New Orleans ordered all residents of the city to stay at home. She permitted them to leave home only for critical needs.

Shelter In Place

There are other places like Georgia, Idaho, New Jersey, etc where this also been applied just to prevent the infection. People who are under the “Shelter in place” order can’t do many things that they can do is the most necessary things.

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