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Coronavirus : Europe Under Lockdown,100,000 Policemen Deployed To Ensure Lockdown.

Europe under lockdown and this step has been taken by the President of France rightfully so.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, has requested stringent limitations on individuals’ development to slow the spread of the coronavirus. He has said the military would be coming in to help move the wiped out to emergency clinics.

Apart from all this, France has shut down restaurants and bars. The schools will be shut until further notice. The President said measures exceptional in peacetime were required as the number of contaminated individuals multiplied as clockwork and passings spiraled higher.

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Europe Under Lockdown

Orders By Officials 

The situation has become so grave that if the police catch anyone loitering around outside, that person is going to be sternly punished. This is an order d=given by the government of France.

Justifying this act of order, Marcon said- “I know what I am asking of you is unprecedented, but circumstances demand it.”

The President recently gave out a weighty address to the nation of France. A country where the CoronaVirus has killed 148 individuals and contaminated more than 6,600. The President said that from Tuesday noontime (11:00 GMT), individuals should remain at home. Except if it was to purchase staple goods, travel to work, practice, or for clinical consideration.

“We’re not up against another army or another nation. But the enemy is right there: invisible, elusive, but it is making progress,” he said

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, in addition to the President’s statement, has strictly imposed a fine of up to 135 euros ($151). This is in case the police find out any citizens on the street. “Stay at home,” he said.

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Europe Under Lockdown

Measures To Take Against COVID-19 (Europe Under Lockdown)

Given below are some simple steps you cant take to avoid this fatal Corona Virus. These are the key points you should always keep in mind

  1. Sniffle and cough into tissues or the lawbreaker of your elbow. If you get bodily fluid or spit on your skin, clear it off immediately. Abstain from touching your face with unwashed hands.
  2. Wash your hands with hand wash or use a hand sanitizer that contains liquor of some sort.
  3. Evade close contact with individuals who are wiped ill, especially individuals displaying cold, cough, and fever. Because these are the main symptoms of the virus
  4. Always and always clean surfaces, for example, ledges and door handles, with a disinfectant
  5. Remain at home when you’re ill.
  6. Avoid crowded places. Even if you are going out, always wear a mask.

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Europe Under Lockdown

What do you think about Europe Under Lockdown? Let us know and be safe out there.

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