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Coronavirus: Due To Fears From The Virus, 2020 Summer Olympics May Be Delayed


David Mudd

As the deadly Corona spreads across the world, it is shutting down whole airports and cities. However, now it is also threatening to delay the 2020 Summer Olympics. Here is everything we know about the latest Corona updates and the status of the Japan 2020 Olympics.

Status Update On The Corona

The Coronavirus first saw its emergence in Wuhan district of China, which has been on lockdown ever since. The news of the initial deaths came at the end of 2019, and since then, the virus has spread across continents to many other countries. The death toll at present has gone over a thousand globally. However, numbers vary from sources.

Also, the number of cases in China is gradually declining, but other countries have seen a surge in the number of Corona deaths recently. Italy, Iran and South Korea are experiencing a huge increase in the number of cases. Many of the people infected have a travel history from China or some previously affected countries.

Other countries like India and Japan are seeing cases pop up but not at the same speed.

Will Corona Delay The 2020 Olympics?

Due to the fear that the virus is inspiring among people, some suspect that the 2020 Summer Olympics is taking place in Japan will be delayed. Although Japan has not seen a very intense increase in the number of Corona cases, it still has recorded around 6 deaths and 43 recoveries from the approximately 240 people diagnosed.

The Olympic minister of Japan says that they will try their best to stay on schedule and not delay the games. The Olympics are taking place from July 24 to August 6 of this year. The contract between Japan and The Olympics Association mentions that the games take place within 2020, which may allow for postponing the events if required.

Will The Olympics Be Cancelled Altogether?

The decision of cancelling the Olympics does not lie with the hosting country but the International Olympic Committee. The IOC recently met in Switzerland to discuss the situation. However, the result of the meeting is that the committee supports the 2020 Japan Olympics on the original dates.

However, They also agreed to develop a task force to monitor the Corona situation thoroughly. Therefore, the IOC seems confident that the games will carry on as decided. But there are always possibilities of delays or cancellations.