Coronavirus: Canada US Border Is Now Closed, Florida Congressman Tests Positive.


David Mudd

Canada US Border is closed. Furthermore, the Trump administration is criticized for its late response to the coronavirus outbreak. Read ahead to know more.

The Canada US Border

The Canada US Border is the longest international border shared between the two countries. It is 8891 kilometres long. Moreover, eight Canadian Provinces and thirteen US states are located along the border.

British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick are the eight Canadian provinces. Furthermore, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, and New Hamshire is the thirteen US states.

US Canada Border

Coronavirus Cases In Canada And The United States

Canada has 727 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Out of which, 11 have recovered. However, 9 have died. British Columbia Province has a maximum confirm of COVID-19 cases(231). Ontario Province has 219 confirm COVID-19 cases. Furthermore, Quebec Province has 94 confirm COVID-19 cases and rest follow on.

The United States has 9477 confirm COVID-19 cases. Meanwhile, yesterday the United States had 1200 new cases in twelve hours. Moreover, New York alone has 500 COVID-19 cases.

US Canada Border

All 50 states are  COVID-19 positive. 108 have recovered. However, 155 have died. Washington has the maximum recovery. 89 individuals have recovered in Washington. However, the country is facing many issues.

The government is running out of testing facilities. There is a shortage of healthcare products. As a result, meeting people’s needs has become difficult.

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Coronavirus: Social Distancing- Do’s And Dont’s

The Canada US Border Shuts Down

Canada and the United States have shut down their shared border to contain the coronavirus. Two members of the US House representative tested COVID-19 positive. Mario Diaz Balart and Ben McAdams are those two representatives. Both are Congress members.

The United States is having medical equipment shortage. As a result, the US Government has boosted medical equipment production. US Government has assigned $100 billion as an emergency fund.

US Canada Border

60,000 people stay without shelter in California. They might test COVID-19 positive in the coming days. California lies along the US Canada border. Moreover, the borders shut down will prevent virus transmission. The United States will quarantine unsheltered people in California.

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