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Coronavirus: Canada Closes Borders To Foreigners, Americans Exempted


David Mudd

Canada on Monday moved to boycott ant sort of entrance to the nation to non-occupants, except American residents, in an offer to battle the COVID-19 episode.

President of Canada, Justin Trudeau, whose wife is a patient of COVID-19, is now asking close the Canadian-U.S. fringe. It is a  move that permits extending Hollywood film and T.V. creation to proceed with north of the outskirt, despite ongoing shutdowns.

In a press conference, Trudeau said- “At this point, we are closing our borders to all non-residents. We recognize that, for the moment, that measure doesn’t apply to American citizens.”


Negotiations Between the USA And Canada

After giving out this statement, the economies of the U.S.A and Canada are closely discussing a serious matter. They are deciding whether the border between them will be shut down or not

Trudeau said- “We are not ruling out any measures. But we will take necessary measures when they become necessary”

The news has been put out that all the U.S. residents are entering Canada will be put under a Questioning session. The questioning session includes questions about their health and well being. Further, a quarantine of 14 days is imposing them to stay away from any sort of contact.


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Hollywood Movies and Other Businesses 

Many streaming channels like Netflix and producing companies like Warner Bros are already in a process. They are shutting down the release of their films.

Vice President of Alliance Motion Picture and Television Producers, representing U.S. film and T.V. producers, in an interview, said- “the vast majority of U.S.-based productions have shut down.”

Canada is also restricting people who are coming to form Europe and Asia. The President himself addressed his speech while standing outside his home in Ottawa, where the Canadian leader has been self-isolating himself.


Top executives in Canada have already started asking questions about the latest cross-border restrictions. This may harm their international travels for the business of Hollywood films all over the world.

Phil Klapwyk who is a  business representative for IATSE Local 891 in Vancouver says-

“We are dealing with the situation regarding COVID-19 as it unfolds in real-time. With things changing so quickly, we can’t comment on any specifics.”