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Coronavirus Ban By EU On All Non Essential Europe Entry


David Mudd

Coronavirus Ban by the European Union on all non-essential European travel has been introduced. Read more about it here.


And your much anticipated, awaited Eurotrip just came down to a halt. Did you hear the sound of glass shattering? That’s exactly what happens when your dream to take a picture by the Eiffel Tower comes crashing down. Not the tower of course.

Did you prepare to wear that pretty red dress of yours and have lunch in an Italian restaurant? Well, that’s not going to happen too. Especially, not in Italy. And you know why? The deadly, annoying novel Coronavirus has taken a toll on every aspect of our lives. Not just taking lives which have mounted up to 3,800 but also affecting tourism, entertainment industry to its core. Malls are empty, parks don’t have children, theatres have vacant seats (no annoying babies), economy down and whatnot.

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The biggest blow to the tourism industry comes at large with the EU banning any kind of non-essential trips to the bloc for the next 30 days in order to contain the virus which has been spreading like wildfire there not sparing anyone that comes in contact with it. The highest being in Italy which has infected more than 80,000 people. The country has gone to a complete shutdown.

Coronavirus Ban

What Will Happen With The Ban? (Coronavirus Ban)

European Union President, Ursula von der Leyen in an official press meeting said that the bloc will restrict any kind of non-essential visits to the region for the next 30 days except for essential travel that will be allowed for at least a month once it gets the grees nod from the leaders.

The step comes in the light to contain the virus to be it within the European Union or by leaving the Union to avoid potential strain on the healthcare system.

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Coronavirus Ban

Who Are Exempted From The Ban? (Coronavirus Ban)

Under the plan, visitors from non-EU states will not be allowed to enter the region unless they are long-term residents of the EU, family members of EU nationals, diplomats, cross-border commuters, or essential workers like doctors, nurses, and researchers, von der Leyen said.

Also, citizens of the Schengen travel area which includes Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are not included under the ban.

EU recently condemned the US president’s decision in banning visitors from the EU in entering the country which has also gathered widespread criticism.