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Coronavirus : Australia Puts Indefinite Travel Ban On Foreign Travel On Citizens


David Mudd

Coronavirus outbreak is taking a larger shape than we could ever predict. We have countries all across the globe going under lockdown. In these times of a global pandemic, Australia has its own precautions to take.

Australia Bans Travel Due To Coronavirus 

When we come to Australia, 450 cases of Coronavirus already exist in the country. Along with the existing cases, the growth of new Coronavirus cases is exponential.


On 18th March, the Australian government takes the most important step to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

It orders its citizen to disengage in travelling overseas, indefinitely. We have Prime Minister, Scott Morrison implementing the present guideline.

Australia Take In Regards To Coronavirus Outbreak

It is not only the indefinite ban on travelling overseas. Australia is taking strict measures in containing Coronavirus as much as they can.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison takes the front lines to explain to us how important it is. “This is a once-in-100-year type event. We haven’t seen this sort of thing in Australia since the end of the first World War.”


Scott Morrison talks about normalcy in Australia but how it will not be the same. It is going to be a minimum of six months that the safety measures are going to last. however, schools are not shut down.

The Prime Minister states that the impact is going to be severely out of such a closure. As the measure is going to last at least six months, the consequences of keeping schools shut for that long is going to remove 30% of workers from health industries.

International flights from Australia, namely Qantas and Virgin Australia shut down their travel duties.

Along with the ban on overseas travels, indoor gatherings of more than 100 people are also a big no-no. The government already bans the outdoor event gathering of more than 500 people.


Australia’s Cases Of Coronavirus

Recently, we have six people dying out of COVID-19 Therefore, the number of Coronavirus cases here increases from 450 and becomes 538.

It is taking great measures to contain the virus alongside the U.S., Italy and various other nations.

Read more about the novel Coronavirus on “Corona Virus: WHO Says The Virus Officially Declared A Pandemic.” Hopefully, we all are going to be able to battle the situation well.