Coronavirus: Anti-Malarial Drugs Approved To Treat COVID-19 In US


David Mudd

Antimalarial Drugs In US: For the last few months, the hot topic of discussion is coronavirus across the globe, and it is quite natural. After WHO declared it a global pandemic, it created a panic situation in the whole world. It is becoming more chaotic by every passing day. The whole world is trying to fight back and together against the virus. In the meantime, US President claimed that malarial drugs can be used in treatment. And we need to look at this news.

Antimalarial Drugs In US

Coronavirus (Antimalarial Drugs In US)

Most of us already have lots of information about it. But there is somebody who doesn’t know about it, definitely need to know. SARS-CoV-2 Is the main cause of COVID-19 disease. This outbreak was identified in Wuhan, China for the first time. But the current center of this virus outbreak in Europe. It’s getting worse in the world.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus Infection

It is becoming more lethal because of common symptoms like cough, fever, breathing complications. These symptoms are so common that people don’t pay attention in the first place. This virus spreads between people via respiratory droplets. Therefore, the world is almost on curfew now just to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

Antimalarial Drugs In US

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Using Antimalarial Drugs In Coronavirus Treatment (Antimalarial Drugs In US)

Creating the vaccination of coronavirus is still an ongoing process. Doctors and researchers from across the globe try trying to find out, but this procedure needs time, a few months or years. In the middle of this crucial situation, last Thursday  President Donald Trump declared that antimalarial drugs can treat coronavirus. He also stated that the Food And Drug Administration of the US approved its use as a medication for the treatment.

But here is the interesting thing. After Trump’s statement, the FDA also revealed a statement. In that statement, they said that the FDA didn’t approve any kind of drug for coronavirus treatment, not the anti-malarial drugs. They also stated that they are working on it with government and studies are under process.  Chloroquine can reduce the duration of symptoms in mild cases. That’s why doctors are allowing it to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Its effectiveness is still unproven.

Antimalarial Drugs In US

The world is now only can pray for each other until the doctors find out how to treat it.

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