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Coronavirus: Alphabet’s Site For Free Coronavirus Tests Is Now Live!

Alphabet’s Free Coronavirus Live test is available on their website. You can read more about it here.

Alphabet’s Verily has launched a website to provide citizens of the United States all the information about COVID-19 followed by free tests at the nearest screening facilities. Read ahead to know more.

About Alphabet’s Verily (Alphabet’s Free Coronavirus Live)

Verily Life Sciences is Alphabet Inc’s research organization. The company deals in health-care and biotechnology. It was founded on 7th December 2015. Andrew Conrad is the present CEO of the company.

Verily develops comprehensive healthcare solutions that combine devices, software, and medicine to enable advanced disease management system for the people.

Alphabet's Free Coronavirus Live

Furthermore Verily works with GlaxoSmithKline to commercialize bioelectric medicines. Also, the company works with Johnson and Johnson to make advancements in the surgical robots of tomorrow.

Status Of COVID-19 In The United States 

To date, the United States has 1,629 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country. Out of which there have been 41 fatalities. 138 confirmed cases are travel related. Above all, the tourists and citizens coming to the United States from abroad cause it.

Alphabet's Free Coronavirus Live

The United States has banned travel to and from European and Middle Eastern countries until further notice. President Donald Trump took this decision to prevent any further cases of the coronavirus that has been declared as a pandemic.

About The Website (Alphabet’s Free Coronavirus Live)

Verily has created an online questionnaire about COVID-19. Based on responses received, the questionnaire tells whether to be tested or not. It also tells whether people qualify for a free test.

The questionnaire asks whether you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus which will mostly be physical. It includes having problems while breathing, shortness of breath, respiratory problems, fever, cold and other such symptoms.

If you qualify for free testing of the coronavirus. The website will schedule an appointment at the nearest testing facility from your location of residence. Furthermore, the company will also be providing transportation as a precautionary measure.

Also, you must be over 18 years of age to be eligible to appear for the questionnaire. And you should know how to speak English and sign authorization forms. The company asks you to sign an authorization form. Furthermore, your questionnaire can be used by medical experts to be studied and be publicized.

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Most importantly, the responder needs a google account. The company will verify your data. They will create a database of all the responders.

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