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Coronation Street: Spoilers, Tensions At Still Waters Continue To Rise And 5 Airing Story Lines


David Mudd

Coronation Street is a British soap Opera show created by Granada Television. The show airs on screens since 9 December 1960. The main aim of the Corrie spots on Coronation Street built in 1902 and named in honor of the coronation of King Edward seven. The series airs six times a week on screens.

Spoilers And Plots Coronation Street:

What is going to air next week? The soap has shared some ‎Previews of what viewers can expect to come in the dramatic scenes.

In one video we can see Jonny and Jenny talking in the aftermath of Scott’s arrival. Then Jenny trying to find her husband to introduce him to their new guest. The landlady discovers her other half has made a call to Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley), the mother of his granddaughter, Suzie, who is currently living in France.

“I thought we should go there,” the concerned character tells his wife. Because she thinks it’s a marvelous suggestion, with no idea why her husband suddenly wants to jump ship.

Coronation Street

But anyway she’s gotta know that Jonny thinks to leave within the next couple days. He says that they’ve just a guest for a couple of days.


“Did he say how long he was saying, this new fella?” the landlord asks, to which his wife tells him Scott is going to be sticking around for a while yet.

Although Jenny sees pound signs in her eyes, it’s clear her husband thinks otherwise and when she asks if he’d like to show the newcomer round, the troubled character comes up with another excuse not to meet him.

“I’m not feeling too great. Just a bit light-headed. I’ll be fine, I’ll come and help out later,” he says.

We will see whether she finally accept his invitation or not. Since it’s been reported that Carla Connor (Alison King) will be manning the fort at the pub. Having been betrayed by her husband in the past, this could be the final straw for Jenny if she were to then call for a divorce.

Coronation Street

Well, this storyline will allow viewers to learn more about the Connor patriarch and just what he’s not telling his loved ones.