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Coronation: Show Stars Join To Send An Emotional Message To Support The Audience


David Mudd

Domestic violence-related cases increased in the UK since the lockdown started. Authorities said their helplines receiving an increase in calls because of domestic violence. Now the Coronation Street show stars joined to send a message about this situation. They said in a video campaign to their audience to report abusers to the police via ” Silent Solution”.

The stars were included in the video campaign are Shelly King, Sair Khan, Sally Carman together with the former star Julie Hesmondhalgh. All the help is there available for those who experience physical, sexual, emotional and financial violence.



What To Do If You Are In Emergency (Coronation)

People can make use of the helpline number. If you are getting abused by anyone. Then call 999 and press 55. It will let the police know that you are in an emergency and you need help.

The whole world is right now in a difficult period. Moreover, this pandemic can be considered as the worst thing experienced by this generation. Above all, the after-effects of this virus may haunt the human race for a while for sure. Everyone is in isolation in their own houses. Beyond all these things, experiencing domestic abuse while in isolation. Surely, it is a terrible thing that can happen to anyone.


The coronation stars added that there are measures ready to help protect people from any kind of abuse. Besides, they encouraged through video to keep a cellphone near everyone and use it in a needed situation. It is a silent solution to this problem after all.