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Corona Virus Live Update: Over 100 More Infected In USA


David Mudd

We are terrified about the things that are happening around the world—first the fires in the forests of Australia and then the outbreak of Coronavirus. Past few months have been very tragic. The main reason we are writing this is that Coronavirus is not slowing down. It is spreading despite numerous efforts by the govt. Of America, Coronavirus found a way to break into their country. 


More Than 100 People Infected In The USA:

There are over 100 people in the country that are infected by the virus. The death toll is near to 10, and this we can expect it to increase. Most of the countries in the world have made strict rules about the migration of people from China into their country. China is the country where this virus had done the most damage. Some so many people have died due to this virus in China.

The Virus Is Spreading Despite So Many Precautions:

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 in China, other countries have started to take every possible precaution to stay safe from the virus.

Everything is failing, and the virus has found a way in many countries of Asia and the United States of America. India which was said to be safe from it has also seen some cases of Coronavirus. 


The U.S Is Planning TO Expand Testing For People Who Are Scared That They Have Been Infected With Covid:

The U.S is planning to expand its testing campaign for the people who think that they have an infection from the virus. It has become indispensable now as the fear of the disease is increasing among the people.

Even though the global death rate for new Coronavirus is 3.4%, people might think this is very less when we look at the big picture. This is scary, and the percentage might increase very soon.

People must know about the methods of precaution from the deadly virus. The main reason behind the rapid growth of the virus is the lack of knowledge in general people.

Food Prices Are Soaring In China Due To Coronavirus And Swine Fever

People are spreading myths over the internet, and people need to know that they are not right. It is better to sit down and research it and then do what is right.