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Corona Virus Live Update : Death Toll Rises Worldwide


David Mudd

Coronavirus has shaken the world in a way we never expected. It is a highly contagious disease spread from animals to human beings.



Coronavirus is a disease circulating in animals, but some of them can transmit from animals to human beings. It is originated from China. The source of the virus is believed to be from a wet market in Wuhan, China, where they sold dead and live animals.

Symptoms And Precautions

Some of the essential precautions you can take is washing your hands regularly, keeping a distance with someone who has a cough or a cold, maintaining respiratory hygiene, avoiding unnecessary contact with animals. Maintaining basic sanitation will be useful during these and all days.

There is no medicine found for the virus, but the symptoms can be treated. So be aware of the signs that might indicate you that you might be affected by the illness.

Food Prices Are Soaring In China Due To Coronavirus And Swine Fever

The symptoms of the virus start from simple fever, cold, dry cough and just a general feeling of unwell. So if you have a minor illness also make sure to visit the doctor because the timing is not right and there’s a possibility that you may be affected by the virus. When you are starting with the symptoms, it can be cured. So make sure to visit a doctor immediately to help stop the full spread.

Coronavirus: The Death Toll Rises

More than 95000 and still counting cases have been reported across the world. And the death toll is not looking good. Countries in Asia and Middle Eastern areas have been restricted from travelling abroad.

Death tolls outside of China have begun to increase rapidly as reported by WHO (World Health Organization).

The United States confirmed its 11th death from the outbreak on Wednesday, along with more than 150 confirmed cases.


In China, the situations are worse, with reported death over 3,000 and around 80,000 people are still on treatment. South Korea has recorded 516 cases of coronavirus. The number of deaths due to the virus in Iran and Italy, Poland, Morocco, Andorra, Armenia and Argentina have also seen a rise.

Governments around the world are taking precautions and steps to stop this widespread. It’s time we as a world stand together against this deadly disease and put an end to it.