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Corona Cancels Hollywood: All The Shows Affected By The Netflix Temporary Shut Down


David Mudd

The corona strikes again! Hollywood and the travel industries are already facing severe delays and losses. However, now, its television’s turn. Here are all the shows that Netflix and other streaming platforms have put on hold due to the corona scare.

Netflix Shuts Down Productions

Now that the corona seems to be going full swing around the world, Netflix, along with other streaming giants, have delayed all their ongoing productions. The news comes after WHO declares the corona a Pandemic. Also, its seriousness in the industry spreads after the announcement of Tom Hanks, and Rita Wilson testing positive for the virus comes out.

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

Shows like You, Stranger Things, Lucifer, Grace and Frankie are all on hold now. American Crime Story was about to start the production for its third season. The award-winning series follows the story of President Bill Clintons impeachment in the new season.

However, the Netflix shutdown is confirmed for shows producing in the US and Canada. Therefore, news on international productions like The Witcher season 2 is yet to come out.

Other Streaming Platform Cancellations

Prime Video, Hulu, AppleTV+, HBO Max and Disney+ have all delayed ongoing productions. Their decisions are not confining to the US but are applicable internationally. CW shows like Riverdale, The Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl, Dynasty and Supernatural are all on pause due to the corona.

Carnival Row, Euphoria and The Morning Show were all about to start working on their new season but are under suspension for now. Nat Geo anthology series on the late Aretha Franklin called ‘Genius Aretha’ is also on hold.

Not only production but talks about renewal of particular series are also on hold. Mindhunter season 2 and another season of Anne With An E were both under discussion and consideration for redevelopment. Fargo and Snowpiercer are facing the same problem.

Many talk shows have also cancelled, keeping in mind the health risks for the guests and the host. These include presentations from Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, John Oliver, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers etc. Ellen DeGeneres has also tweeted the production suspension for her show ‘Ellen’.

The Corona Cancels Showbiz

As the death toll rises to more than 4,500 deaths globally. Strict health regimes and protocols are in place for everyone to follow. The entertainment industry is facing costly delays because of the situation.

Combining all the streaming Giants, the number of pilots on hold is 16. The total number of productions on hold is easily over 100. The long-awaited Disney+ shows like The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Wandavision and Loki are also suspended for now.

The productions that are still on the schedule are Marvel’s Black Widow and DC’s Wonder Woman 1984. However, given the circumstances, it is possible and probably best for them to delay their release.

What Will Happen To Showbiz In The Future?

Reality TV shows are also cancelling production because of the enormous crowds that are involved in the shooting. Some of these include America’s Got Talent, Bachelor and Family Feud. All creations, big or small, take hundreds of people for the process. The number of people involved can be as large as villages or even small cities.

With massive Hollywood productions like No Time To Die, Mission Impossible 7 and the Elvis Presley docu-movie delayed for more than seven months; the industry will face severe financial and cultural repercussions. Therefore, it is also possible that the Pandemic will pave the way for a whole new culture of entertainment.

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