Coolio Net Worth 2022: Check How Much the Grammy Award Rapper Left Before He Died!


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Artis Leon Ivey Jr. Who is popularly known as Coolio was an American rapper as well as actor. He was regarded as one of the most potential and mediatic rap exponents of the 90s. As of October 2022, Coolio net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

He was initially appeared on the LA rap scene in the late 1980s. And he made his professional debut in 1994 with professional album It Takes a Thief. Coolio has gained his stardom with his single Gangsta’s Paradise which was also featured in John N. Smith’s movie Dangerous Minds in 1995.

Coolio Net Worth

This song boosted his popularity and also helped him to win Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance in 1996. He was also best known for his other solo performances such as Fantastic Vayage in 1994, 1,2,3,4 Sumpin New in 1996 and C U When U Get There in 1997.

Coolio has started releasing records independently since 1996 and also become a chief by creating a web series named Cookin with Coolio and published a cookbook. He has died at the age of 59 on 28th September 2022 due to heart attack at a friend’s house suddenly.

What is the Early Life of Coolio?

Artis aka Coolio was born on 1st August 1963 and parents names were Artis Leon Ivey Sr. Who was a carpenter and Jackie Slater who was a factory worker. He had an asthma and was very talented, studious as well as well informed but he found his life outside the home.

Coolio eventually joined Baby Crips street gang and wanted to portray a wild and aggressive picture of him by carrying guns to school which cause a disruption in his studies and he was jailed for several months for larceny.

Coolio Net Worth

After high school he enrolled his admission in Compton Community College and revived his high school passion of rap music by performing in contests like Coolio Iglesias and L.A.’s rap radio station, KDAY.

To overcome his cocaine addiction, he went to a rehab and it has damaged his growing career as a rapper. Once he first came out, he did numerous odd jobs but he was very determined to restart his rap career.

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What is the Music Career of Coolio?

In 1987, Coolion has released his two songs named Watch Gonna Do and You’re Gonna Miss Me. After four years he joined the band WC as well as Mad Circle.

In 1994, his debut solo album It Taked a Thief was released and it was also featured the breakthrough single Fantastic Voyage which peaked at the third number on the Bilboard hot 100. He also received some successes like County Line and I Remember.

In 1995, Coolion has released an album with a title Gangsta’s Paradise for capitalizing the success of Gangsta’s Paradise which remained at the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart for three weeks and it was also No. 1 hit in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Coolio Net Worth

From Double Platinum album , there were two hit singles named Sumpin New and Too Hot.

In 1995, despite of officially leaving the band WC and the Mad Circle, he contributed to their second album Curb Servin and was included in the track named On a Twist.

Some Favourite Quotes From Coolio –

“Life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that.” -Coolio

“I don’t consider myself a gangsta rapper. But I’m probably more qualified to be a gangsta rapper than people who call themselves that. I’ve been through that life.” – Coolio

“I’m never doing a new album. I’ll probably do nothing but singles. I’m as good as anybody out there lyrically and conceptually and can go toe to toe with the best of them throughout history. But I don’t know how much longer I’ll be doing it. It’s not really fun anymore.” – Coolio

“I’m still waiting for someone to call me to cater their wedding. But that’s gonna cost you. If you want my cousin Jerez to play the sax, that’s going to cost you a little more. The sky’s the limit after that.” – Coolio

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Personal Life: What Are the Facts About His Personal Life?

Coolio had 10 kids by relationships with several women but he hasn’t been an ideal role model for his kids. He has charged with violence after hitting his girlfriend in 2013. He has married to Josefa Salinas in 1996 but the duo divorced in 2000.

How Did Coolio Died?

Coolio’s manager, Jarez told TMZ that. He was at his friend’s house in Los Angeles when he excused himself to use restroom. He did not returned after some time then his friends called him but he did not answer. Coolio was found on the floor and then his death has been confirmed.

As of now, the cause of his death is declared as heart attack but exact cause of death is still unknown.

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What is the Net Worth of Coolio?

As of October 2022, Coolio net worth is estimated to be %1.5 million. He has received $23,227 as royalties per year for Gangsta’s Paradise. And gained between $134,000 and $225,000 per year for his 123 songs.

Along with his earnings from music, he has also appeared in more than 25 movies and television shows throughout his career. Prior to release of Gangsta’s Paradise. He has gained widespread recognition due to his solo albums such as It Takes a Thief via Tommy Boy Records.

Throughout his career, he had plenty of hit singles but none of them became well known as Gangsta’s Paradise. It was the Top Single in the United States across all categories.

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