Coolio’s Girlfriend: Were Coolio And Mimi Already Married?


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Coolio, was an American rapper. He got fame as a member of the gangsta rap group WC and the Maad Circle, and then performed as a solo artist in the mid-to-late 1990s with his albums It Takes a Thief (1994), Gangsta’s Paradise (1995), and My Soul (1997).

After coolio’s death, his girlfriend Mimi Ivey paid tributed to the late rapper. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mimi said: “We were best friends. We would talk about everything and joke and laugh about everything. There was never a dull moment being with him.

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She added: “He was an eccentric, a storyteller. He loved life. He loved his family, his career, and he loved to make people smile,” she said. “Yes, we had our ups and downs. But I don’t care who you are, if you say you have a perfect relationship, then it’s not real.”

she told the publication about the sudden death of coolio, “I just remember all of the air and life coming out of my body. I was outside, getting ready to take my son to football practice. All I remember was dropping to my knees. I collapsed.”

Coolio Girlfriend

Coolio And Mimi Relationship

Coolio and Mimi were in a relationship from 2012 until his death on Sept. 28 at age 59. The couple have been together for 10 years.
Mimi lived with the rap artist in Las Vegas. They appeared together on the TV shows Love Goals and Celebrity Wife Swap.

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Coolio’s death was heartbroken and shook Mimi. Since Collio’s death, Mimi could not stop sharing her feelings and tributes to her late boyfriend. “I’ll never forget you. You’ll always be by my side,” she wrote with photos and a video.

When Coolio And Mimi Were About To Get Married

It was confirmed by Mimi that she and Coolio almost got married but decided not to turn in the paperwork for their wedding. Although they were not legally married but their idea of marriage was based on their love, not on the papawork. “It’s just a piece of paper that doesn’t change how either one of us felt about each other,” she said.

She referred to Coolio as her husband on social media and took his surname.

Coolio’s Girlfriend, Mimi: Net Worth

What do you think is the net worth of Coolio ‘s Girlfriend ? As of 2022 Mimi Ivey’s net worth is estimated to be around $250k.

What Has Mimi Said The Day After Coolio Died?

The day after this death, Mimi penned a caption, “Words can not express the pain that I am feeling right now. You are my soul mate, hubby, lover & best friend I’m so happy that you called me on FaceTime at 2am and woke me up out my sleep to tell me you love me and miss me,” she began. “If I would have known that it was going to be the last conversation I have with you I wouldn’t have let you get off the phone. I miss you boo and I’m staying strong & I will see you when I get there!”

Coolio’s Funeral

Mimi informed that Coolio’s funeral will be very private, and there will be only his family and friends. However, some of his long time close friends will not be present for the cremation service.

Coolio Girlfriend

Did Coolio See Other Women?

Mimi admitted she knew he was seeing other women. She said, “He was who he was. If he was seeing other women, I knew about it,’ she said. ‘There’s nothing that man ever did that he hid from me’

Coolio’s Real Cause of Death

Coolio’s official cause of death hasn’t been made public yet.

As Coolio had a history of drug abuse, so some are assuming that it could be cause of his death.

It was also revealed that that his asthma may have led to his death, according to TMZ. As per the American Cardiac Association, those who have chronic asthma may be more likely to have heart rhythm problems. He could have a a heart attack.

In addition, He had battled a lung illness for years, sources.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coolio Girlfriend 2022 age?

Mimi Ivey’s age is approximately 26 years.

What is Mimi Ivey’s date of birth?

Mimi Ivey’s date of birth is October 12, 1995.

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