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Control Z: Plot | Cast | Twists


David Mudd

Control Z is a Mexican teen thriller drama that premiered for the first time on Netflix in 2020 and the swirling popularity of the show made it run for a brand new second season and a third season in the talks. Control Z is a must watch!

The name of the show is pretty catchy and significant at the same time. The title itself is a computer shortcut key meant to “Undo” mistakes. The title is a hint at our overdependence on machines and there is no undoing in real life. The blurring barriers of real and virtual make you wish for an undo which you can’t do.

Control Z joins the club of shows that talk about how terrifying a tool social media has become. In the smart age of smarter gadgets and AI nothing seems to remain private anymore and results can be pretty devastating. Secrets, social media and privacy are a deadly combination as we found in Control z.

The show doesn’t preach anything but it does tell you to proceed with caution. 

Plot of Control Z

During a high school function, all senior students gathered and on the giant screen each of these students got exposed and every big secret came out.  The leaking of those jaw-dropping secrets caused enough harm and dismay among the students. Some of them get brutally bullied; some were shamed and some were simply laughing stock. The extreme result was one of the innocent students, Louis died because of this. 

The Narration of Control Z

a still from control z
Control Z will be back with its school drama!

The entire story is told through the eyes of Sophia. She too is a student of the same school but she is not like others. Apart from being a computer expert, she sees things nobody else does – a Sherlock Holmes of sorts. 

Her sufferings in her personal life made her wise beyond her years. She does a credible job as a detached observer of events and things. 

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Season 1 of Control Z

Season 1 is about Sophia’s classmates getting hacked and every little secret got out. This led to a huge amouviolenceeeeolence among the students. The most horrible thing was that Louis was severely attacked and beaten by Gerry when he found out that Louis had a crush on him. Louis dies in the end. 

Season 2 

Season 2 picks up where season 1 left off. Someone once again starts the hacking game. This is about vengeance from the beginning. It seems that someone will not let Gerry rest until he too dies for Louis’s death. 

Season 2 is filled with dark and messy moments. The Avenger keeps harassing the students to fulfil Luis’s sick torment fantasy. 

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The Reveal

The season finale reveals that it was Lex who is behind all this. Luis is the only one she found a friend in. His senseless brutal and brutal and unnecessary death is in Gerr’s hands. In the final standoff, Alex points a gun towards Gerry and conducts a public that agrees on Gerry’s death. 

Luis’ death was the most brutal and horrible scene ever. The true reason why Gerry attacked him is also revealed. Gerry was afraid like Luis he too is gay. He was afraid of how he would be judged because of his orientation. If he admitted to Luis ‘ crush on him, he would be admitting his orientation first. This is something he could not handle. All the repression and image maintenance to his friends and even parents found an outlet with an insane form of violence. 

Alex’s story 

a glimpse from control z
Featuring a still from Control Z!

Alex’s story is not very different. She simply could not accept how easily their classmates were moving forward with their lives while she remained stuck. This time it is personal as hell. She was overwhelmed with grief and pain and didn’t know how she could find a little relief. Hence she followed the road down the retribution lane. 

She is full of emotions and sadness. Therefore she is not a remorseless Psychopath. It is clear she forced herself to go down this road and it is breaking her from within. 

The School Admin 

There is something else that must be mentioned. The extremely futile role of the school administration. There is no attempt on trying to rectify students or arranging psychological evaluations. The students seem to run wild and run the school as well. 

The Cast of Control Z

the cast of control z
The amazing cast of Control Z!
  •  The young cast of the show includes 
  • Ana Valeria Becerril 
  • Michael Ronda Yankel 
  • Stevan Zión 
  • Moreno Macarena García 
  • Fiona Palomo
  •  Andrés Baida Patricio 

Release date of season 2 

August 4 2021 is the official release date.

Available on 

The show is available on Netflix streaming service.


Control z is one of those shows that we need to watch. It tells us that the virtual world can ruin our real world for good. Nothing we post on virtual media is ever safe. There is no Control Z in real life.  

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