Everything About Contestants of Ink Master Season 13!


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Ink Master Season 13 is also known as Ink Master: Turf War. It is the 13th Season of the tattoo reality competition called Ink Master. Don’t you like this competition? I like the most. Even I like to enjoy this with my hubby and a cup of tea.

“By playing games you can artificially speed up your learning curve to develop the right kind of thought processes.” Ink Master Season 13 consists of a total of 15 episodes. Ink Master Season 13 is hosted and judged by the Addiction of Jane and guitarist named Dave Navarro. Also in this show, there are some tattoo artists called Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck.

The winner of the competition received $ 100,000, a special feature in Inked magazine and also the title of an Ink Master. This competition consists of total 4 teams that are based on their respective home region.

After the end of the 12th Season of Ink Master, the 13th Season automatically becomes the demand of all the lovers of this competition. Is this competition in your demand list? Give your preference in the comment box………..

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Here the article consists of all the useful information about this competition. Your only work is to scroll down to grasp the knowledge as soon as possible……….

About Ink Master Season 13

The 13th Season of Ink Master is a tattoo reality competition. Season 13 saw the coming back of 4 veterans such as Season 10 contestants called Jason Elliott and Frank Ready. They completed the competition in 4th and 8th place. Also, 11th season contestants are Angel Rose and Jimmy Snaz who finished the competition in 11th and 10th place.

 Ink Master Season 13

In the 13th Season of Ink Master, the 3 winners of the competition named Bob Jones, Angel Rose and Jimmy Snaz are only awarded a monetary prize as due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19 there was no winner for Ink Master Season 13.

Now, let’s know more about the competition like how the final decision is made, what happens in a Jury of Peers, pardon and more………

Panel of Judging

It is a simple table of 3 or more judges and the coaches. The final decision is made by the judges after finding the best tattoo of the day.

Peers’ Jury

The power to put up 1 artist for elimination is given to the artist who wins the best tattoo of the day. The artist gives that power to their respective team and another team.

 Ink Master Season 13


A pardon is given to any eliminated artist by the 3 judges. This is just because so that they may come back to the competition after elimination.

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Who are the Contestants of Ink Master Season 13?

Contestants Experience in Years Hometown Outcome
Bob Jones 10 Portland, Oregon Finalists
Angel Rose 3.5 Los Angeles, California Finalists
Jimmy Snaz 13 Boston, Massachusetts Finalists
Jerrel Larkins 8 Greeley, Colorado 4th place
Kelly Severtson 10 Chicago, Illinois 5th place
Hiram Casas 8 Las Vegas, Nevada 6th place
Frank Ready 15 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 7th place
Jessa Bigelow 6 Harrison, New Jersey 8th place
Jason Elliott 6 College Station, Texas 9th place
Raul Ugarte 13 Roseville, California 10th place
K Lenore Siner 3 Salem, Massachusetts 11th place
Jordi Pla 5 Miami, Florida 12th place
Jordan Allred 8 Boise, Idaho 13th place
Jake Parsons 14 Denver, Colorado 14th place
Money Mike Thornton 5 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 15th place
Arlene Salinas 12 Los Angeles, California 16th place
Patrick Flynn 18 Asheville, North Carolina 17th place
Emac 8 Baltimore, Maryland 18th place
Nychelle Elise 6 Plano, Texas 19th place
Andrew Hicks 5 Brooklyn, New York 20th place

The Premiere Date of Ink Master Season 13

The 13th Season of Ink Master was released on 7th January and ended on 14th April 2020 on Paramount Network.

Ink Master Season 13

In the U. S., the live finale was cancelled and no winner was announced due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19. So, all the fans can easily enjoy the competition with full enthusiasm……….

List of Episodes of Ink Master Season 13

Episodes Title Air Date
1 “Rep Your Region” January 7, 2020
2 “Clash of the Collages” January 14, 2020
3 “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” January 21, 2020
4 “Battle Lines” January 28, 2020
5 “Out of Your Element” February 4, 2020
6 “Off the Chain” February 11, 2020
7 “Head Spin” February 18, 2020
8 “Sugar Rush” February 25, 2020
9 “Artistry on the Line” March 3, 2020
10 “Every Artist for Themselves” March 10, 2020
11 “From Toast to Toast” March 17, 2020
12 “Last Draw” March 24, 2020
13 “There Can Only Be One” March 31, 2020
14 “Compose Yourself” April 7, 2020
15 “Race to the Finish” April 14, 2020

Final Words

Ink Master Season 13 is one of the best competitions which is based on the tattoo reality competition. All the fans can enjoy it as it was released earlier. It surely is fantastic news for all the fans who are excited to know about it………….