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Contagion: The Medical Advisor For The Film Has Contracted The Virus


David Mudd

There are many movies that tackle pandemics and deadly viruses. These movies are relevant now more than ever. However, they can also be scary because of how real and accurately they represent the situation. Here are details on how the advisor for the pandemic movie contagion is struggling with the disease.

Contagion: Dr Ian Lipkin Tests Positive For The Coronavirus

Lipkin is the supervisor at the centre of immunity and Infection at Columbia University. He is also a virologist. Lipkin was persuaded to advise the filmmakers of Contagion. His help enables the filmmaker to make the movie more accurate and realistic. Now he himself has come out to reveal that he has the coronavirus.

Dr Lipkin was appearing on Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox. During the interview, he says that he himself has the virus. He also mentions that he tested positive for the virus on Monday. Lipkin describes the experience as a terrible and painful one.

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Contagion: Lipkin’s Thoughts On The Coronavirus Pandemic

While talking about the coronavirus, Lipkin says,” If it can hit me, it can hit anybody”. That is the message he wants to convey to everyone. He also talks about the spread of the virus. He says that it does not matter where he contracts the disease from, the virus is all over America.

Lipkin also criticizes some of Trump’s statements regarding the coronavirus policies in the US. He says that we do not when or how we will defeat the problem. American states and cities have porous borders and preventing the spread require strict measures. Therefore, Lipkin suggests that the best way to contain the virus now is through quarantine and isolation.

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Contagion: Lipkin’s Experience, What Is The Pandemic Film About Why Is It So Accurate?


While talking about the movie, Lipkin mentions how the movie features scenes inspired by his own activities. The film shows the time when Lipkin was working with WHO in China to help cure the SARS outbreak.

Contagion is a movie that follows a very similar trajectory to real-life coronavirus. The film shows how a new virus wreaks havoc on the world. The virus has no cure and originates from China. See the similarity? Scary right?