Console Games V Mobile Games: Exploring How Games Can Be Played


Sandeep Singh

Whilst video gaming was once considered to be a niche hobby, video games have quickly become a major part of modern culture around the world, with the majority of people under the age of 40 having played video games at some point in their lives.

With the advent of the digital age, smartphones have become the dominant form of mobile phone, with many people now choosing to play mobile games instead of console games. While some people like to play games on both consoles and mobiles, many games can now be played on both formats – see how we explore the comparisons between mobile and console gaming and just why they are so popular today.

How Console Games Differ From Mobile Games

The main differences between console games and mobile games seem rather obvious at first – mobile phones are generally a lot smaller than the modern televisions that console games are typically played on. The small screens that mobile games use are very different from television screens/monitors, meaning that people used to console gaming may be put off trying mobile games – whilst some console games are also available on mobile phones (such as iconic games like the GTA series), it can be harder to play them on a smaller screen with fewer buttons, especially if the game was originally designed to be played on a console.

Whilst some console games have been converted to mobile format, a lot of mobile games are designed specifically for playing on mobile phones, so if you want to play them you have to play them on a phone. The types of games differ depending on the format – mobile games like Stardew Valley tend to be shorter and have more of a ‘pick up and play’ concept to them, meaning that more casual gamers might prefer mobile games.

The range of games that have now become available on mobile is superb, from traditional games like Monopoly and Scrabble to mobile slot games where people can play casino slots online, the options are endless. Many games also aren’t available on a console, such as slot games, therefore with the latest advancements in technology with things like mobile slot games, many people can enjoy the best casino games from their very own mobile.

Another difference between mobile gaming and console gaming is that mobile games can be played on the go, whereas console gamers are usually limited to where and when they can play, as video games consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series X typically have to be connected to a television/monitor. With more advancements in mobile gaming, many gamers enjoy the advantage that they can pick up their phone and play their favourite game where they want, when they want.

The Similarities Between Console And Mobile Games

Despite these differences, console games and mobile games also have some similarities, bridging the gap between mobile and console gamers. As previously mentioned, console games generally can’t be played on the go as mobile games can. However, there are some exceptions to this – handheld video games consoles exist and there are even some consoles on the market (such as the Nintendo Switch) with portable variations available, meaning gamers can move their game from the television to a handheld device and take it with them on the go! There are a great number of amazing gaming PCs to improve gaming experience, and the amount of advancements in technology has meant that for many gamers, it is much more than just a game.

Whilst a lot of mobile games aren’t available on consoles, some console games are available on mobiles, although the developers may have tweaked them somewhat to make the gaming experience more streamlined. This means that mobile gamers can still play the same games as traditional console gamers, however the optimum experience may still be to play these games on proper consoles.

Mobile phones still have relatively small screens in comparison to the monitors/televisions used with console gaming, however, modern technology has made this easier. Larger screens have been developed for some mobiles and a lot of mobile games can also be played on tablets or computers, which will naturally have larger screens. The invention of smart technology and smart TVs also means that games can be projected from a mobile phone onto a smart TV, making them easier to play on a larger screen.

Why Mobile And Console Gaming Is So Popular Today

Over the past decades, it is remarkable how popular video gaming has become across the world, and it has quickly become a hobby that both genders and almost all ages have started to enjoy. While gaming was once seen as a nerdy thing to do, there are now more and more people under the age of 40 playing video games than those that don’t. With the image of video gaming changing greatly over the years, it has encouraged people of all different walks of life to try it.

Increases in technology are a huge factor in why mobile and console gaming have both become so popular in the modern age. Mobile gaming, in particular, has become very popular recently – a big chunk of this popularity is due to the technological advances that have been made in mobile phones over the last couple of years – the informal nature of mobile gaming means that more casual gamers or those who wouldn’t normally buy a console have started gaming, with mobile gaming acting as a gateway to console gaming in a lot of cases.

Online gaming has developed greatly over the last decade – a lot of people choose to play multiplayer games online such as the Call Of Duty series, which has been made a lot easier by wireless internet becoming so prevalent. As one of the most popular ways to socialise with friends with many top video games like Fortnite, Resident Evil, Minecraft and more, the advancements of modern technology have made the possibilities in gaming endless.