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Reviewing Coming 2 America Movie


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It all started in Zamunda, with Akeem being anointed as the new King of Zamunda. So, what is in store for him now? The experiences and fancies will enthrall you.

About Coming 2 America Movie

Coming to America is a 1988 romantic comedy film directed by John Landis and based on a story by Eddie Murphy, who also stars in the film. In addition to Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley, and John Amos, the film features Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley, and John Amos.

The film was released in the United States on June 29, 1988. Crown Prince Akeem Joffer of the fictional African kingdom of Zamunda, played by Eddie Murphy, travels to the United States in pursuit of a woman he can marry and love for who she is, not for her rank or for having been groomed to please him.

What Is The Plot of The Coming 2 America Movie?

Crown prince Akeem Joffer, celebrating his 21st birthday in the wealthy African kingdom of Zamunda, is wary of his luxurious lifestyle and wants to achieve more for himself. When his parents, King Jaffe and Queen Aoleon, present him with an arranged wife, Akeem takes action.

Akeem and his closest friend/personal attendant, Semmi, go to Queens under the pretext of penniless foreign students in pursuit of an independent girl who will love him for who he is rather than his social standing.

As they begin their quest for Akeem’s bride, they are invited to a demonstration to raise funds for the inner city by some residents. During the rally, Akeem meets Lisa McDowell, who embodies all of the characteristics he seeks. So, at his request, he and Semmi receive entry-level positions at McDowell’s, a McDonald’s counterfeit owned by widower Cleo McDowell, Lisa’s father, which is a McDonald’s knockoff.

Lisa’s lethargic and nasty boyfriend, Darryl Jenks (Eriq La Salle), whose father owns Soul Glo (a Jheri curl–like hairstyling tool), complicates Akeem’s attempts to win Lisa’s to their families heart. Lisa begins seeing Akeem, who claims to hail from a family of destitute goat herders after Darryl announces their engagement to their families without Lisa’s approval.

Meanwhile, although Akeem thrives on hard work and learns about the lives of commoners, Semmi is uncomfortable living in such a squalor. Akeem confiscates his money and distributes it to two homeless guys after a dinner date with Lisa is ruined when Semmi provides their flat with a hot tub and other comforts.

Semmi sends a telegram to King Jaffe requesting additional funds, forcing the Joffers to journey to Queens in search of him.

Cleo first disapproves of Akeem, believing that he is impoverished and hence unfit for his daughter. After meeting the Joffers, he realizes that Akeem is a very wealthy prince, and he is overjoyed.

When Akeem and Lisa learn that his parents have arrived in New York, they travel to the McDowell house to hide out, where Cleo greets them. After the sudden appearance of the Zamundan entourage ruins Cleo’s relationship with Akeem, Lisa feels enraged and puzzled that Akeem lied to her about his identity.

Lisa, still hurt and angry, refuses to marry Akeem, explaining that he wanted her to love him for who he is, not what he is. He even offers to give up his reign. Despondent, Akeem accepts the planned marriage, but as they depart, Aoleon chastises Jaffe for sticking to old traditions rather than considering their son’s happiness.

When Akeem’s disguised bride-to-be turns out to be Lisa herself during the bridal procession, he is taken aback. They travel blissfully in a carriage after the ceremony, to the delight of Zamundans. After witnessing such magnificence, Lisa is both startled and moved by Akeem’s willingness to give everything up simply for her. Lisa politely refuses Akeem’s invitation to abdicate if she does not want this life.

Who Is In The Star Cast Of The Coming 2 America Movie?

  • Eddie Murphy reprises his role as Prince / King Akeem Joffer, who is crowned king of Zamunda
  • Arsenio Hall reprises his role as Semmi, Akeem’s best friend and aide.
  • Jermaine Fowler as Lavelle Junson, Akeem’s and Mary’s son
  • Leslie Jones as Mary Junson, Lavelle’s mother
  • Tracy Morgan as Reem Junson, Lavelle’s uncle and Mary’s brother. In the film, he is referred to as “Uncle Reems” and was Lavelle’s father figure growing up.
  • KiKi Layne as Princess Meeka Joffer, Akeem’s and Lisa’s first daughter. She is ineligible to take over the throne of Zamunda since Zamundan law requires the nation’s ruler to be male, and Akeem is reluctant to break with centuries of tradition
  • Shari Headley reprises her role as Queen Lisa Joffer, Akeem’s American-born wife with whom he fell in love in the first film.
  • Wesley Snipes as General Izzi, Imani’s older brother and leader of Nexdoria
  • Bopoto Izzi is played by Teyana Taylor, General Izzi’s daughter
  • James Earl Jones reprises his role as King Jaffe Joffer, Akeem’s ailing father and the King of Zamunda.
  • Princess Omma Joffer is played by Bella Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s real daughter), Akeem’s and Lisa’s second daughter
  • Princess Tinashe Joffer is played by Akiley Love, Akeem’s and Lisa’s third daughter
  • Paul Bates reprises his role as Oha, a longtime royal servant
  • John Amos reprises his role as Cleo McDowell, Akeem’s former employer, and father-in-law, and Lisa’s father.
  • Louie Anderson reprises his role of Maurice, a longtime McDowell’s employee, now the manager of the Zamunda McDowell’s restaurant.
  • Idi Izzi is played by Rotimi, General Izzi’s son and the Prince of Nexdoria
  • Vanessa Bell Calloway reprises her role as Imani Izzi, General Izzi’s younger sister, and Akeem’s former intended bride.
  • Nomzamo Mbatha has played the role of Mirembe, a royal groomer and Lavelle’s love interest
  • Clint Smith reprises his role of Sweets, a barber
  • Kevin T. DeWitt is in the role of Nice Man, a barbershop patron
  • Luenell is in the role of Livia, Lavelle’s aunt
  • Izzi’s Lieutenant is played by Michael Blackson
  • Garcelle Beauvais reprises her role of Grace, a royal rose bearer
  • Totatsi Bibinyana is played by Trevor Noah, a Zamunda News Network anchor
  • Mr. Duke is played by Colin Jost, a descendant of the Duke Brothers from the 1983 film Trading Places
  • Morgan Freeman in the role of himself
  • Davido in the role of himself
  • En Vogue as themselves
  • Salt-N-Pepa as themselves
  • Gladys Knight in the role of the herself
  • Dikembe Mutombo in the role of himself
  • Rick Ross in the role of the General Izzi’s Soldier
  • John Legend appears in a mid-credits scene singing “She’s Your Queen to Be”, which was sung by Paul Bates in the first film.

Is Lavelle really Akeem’s son?

Lavelle is put through three tests in order to establish his worthiness. To begin with, he is trained to walk and act in a royal manner. That is something his father taught him. Lavelle, tired of the exams and after seeking counsel from Mirembe, dials his uncle’s number in Queens.

In these examinations, his uncle proved to be really helpful and supportive. His second task is to steal a lion’s whiskers while it is sleeping. Lavelle is terrified of taking this test.

His stepsister Meeka, on the other hand, comes to his rescue and explains that perhaps the exam is not just about courage, but also about utilising one’s thinking. Lavelle also passes this exam thanks to this assistance.

His bravery is tested in the third and last test. He is duped into believing that he must undergo a customary circumcision. What he does not realise is that it is just a ruse. They are just putting his bravery to the test.

Lavelle has demonstrated his value as the Prince of Zamunda after clearing all three examinations. It is party time in the palace now that they have discovered their successor. General Izzi has returned with her daughter, and the wedding is set to take place soon. Lavelle, on the other hand, sees no similarities between himself and her. He want to share some characteristics with his wife.

After that, he returns to Mirembe and expresses his wish to marry her. Following Mirembe’s favourable response, Lavelle goes to speak with his father, believing that he will comprehend his devotion.

However, he overhears King Akeem and General Izzi having a talk. He is referred to as a pawn in their war game by the latter. As a result of this, he gathers Mirembe and his mother, and returns to Queens.

When King Akeem learns of this, he becomes enraged, and he fights with his wife, who then throws him out of his room. He then talks to his father-in-law, who encourages him to reconsider his mother’s views.

He travels to America to reunite with his son. Meeka, his daughter, guards the palace against Izzi while he is abroad. King Akeem realises that he must consider both his realm and his family.

What Is The Release Date of The Coming 2 America Movie?

The release date for Coming To America 2 was set to 5th March 2021, before this the movie’s release date was postponed twice.

What Is The IMDb Rating Of The Coming 2 America Movie?

The Coming To America Movie has been acknowledged by an IMDb rating of 5.3 out of 10. This rating has been appraised by more than 63K IMDb users. This movie can be considered to be an average rated movie by IMDb.

How Good To Watch Is The Movie Coming 2 America?

Coming to America is a fantastic experience. Like its predecessor, it is heartfelt, visually appealing, and offers a unique viewpoint on a fantastic love tale.

The ensemble is fantastic, and Murphy and Hall’s variety of characters provide brilliant comedy vehicles throughout the film. Wesley Snipes and Leslies Jones, two recent arrivals, both shine in very different parts, as do the younger ladies cast as the Princesses, who are both attractive and skilled.

Morgan Freeman to En Vogue, Gladys Knight to Colin Jost, there were too many cameos to count. If just for the first few moments, James Earl Jones is charming and portrays the King’s initial boldness. The present Queen (Shari Headly) has progressed from a proper Queen’s daughter to true Royalty, and her portrayal enables the air of her job to carry her in a different way.

Even the royal announcer, John Amos, Louis Anderson, Izzi the double arc Everyone has returned to titillate our imaginations. It all adds up to an universe that may be interwoven with our own. This film’s and its predecessor’s representations are commendable since they expand the black experience while also celebrating continental history and tradition.

The atmosphere of this picture is extremely similar to that of the original. They’re both one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The exquisite crowns, dresses, and capes, as well as the lavish jewellery placement. Even the supporting cast is dressed to the nines. The entire film has been censored.

It was reportedly shot in Rick Ross’ home, and may I just say that the dude has impeccable taste, or maybe it is the set designers. The décor, like the clothes, is both culturally beautiful and contemporary. There are several things that I would want to have in my house and that I have seen in museums.

The backstory storyline is seamlessly integrated into the current chronology, with a flashback resolving any ambiguity. It maintains the film’s momentum while rapidly introducing the new cast. As a result, there is a time constraint and the need for a love narrative. While the screenplay becomes a touch clumsy at times, the performers’ characterizations keep the film alive.

Where Can I Watch The Coming 2 America Movie?

Coming 2 America will be streaming on Amazon Prime, free to all Prime subscribers. You can also watch the first Coming To America film, free on Amazon Prime Video, right now.


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