Coming 2 America: Top Characters That Make the Sequel More Fun to Watch!


David Mudd

Viewers of Coming to America eventually get to visit Zamunda beside Akeem and Semmi in the eagerly awaited sequel, Coming 2 America, which debuts on March 4th, 2021, after more than 30 years of anticipation.

Every one of the entertaining characters from the original movie, a group of new characters, and a plethora of famous cameos are present for the journey and it is indeed overpoweringly nostalgic.

The film received the very same favorable reviews as the previous, which has now entered popular culture and is still referenced today. Nevertheless, the sequel did feature both contemporary plotlines and fondly remembered references.

Akeem, a king of Africa, discovers he does indeed have a long-lost child in America and therefore must travel there to meet him and forge a bond with his child.

Perhaps one of the greatest movies in American history is still the classic Coming to America. The sequel continued the trend with the humorous new chapter Coming 2 America, which brought back old friends, launched innovative ones, and brought back time-honored jokes that made us chuckle.

Mary Junson

Coming 2 America

It gets out that King Akeem’s son Lavelle wasn’t conceived by his current spouse and former girlfriend Lisa played by Shari Headley. Akeem learns that he engaged in a one-night fling with Mary Junson, who is portrayed by the hilarious as well as scene-stealing Leslie Jones, but he wasn’t aware of it until recently.

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Leslie Jones, who typically portrays a loud, funny woman, nailed the part of the haphazard woman Prince Akeem had spoken to 30 years earlier. She moved right away to gather up her story and go to Zamunda to find out more when she realized he was just not joking and was genuinely a royal after all, nowadays a king.

General Izzi

Coming 2 America

It should not be a shock as Wesley Snipes is a skilled actor with a long list of accomplishments. The fact that he could still steal the spotlight in such a humorous movie, though, is shocking. But he accomplished precisely that with this persona.

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Every time General Izzi entered a room, he made an impressive entry to let everyone know how magnificent he was in every way.

He appeared plausible as the ruler of the nearby country Nexdoria, which had harbored animosity toward Prince Akeem because of not marrying General’s sister Imani as well as fusing their two countries, all these years. Even though Snipes wasn’t in the initial 1988 film, he did audition for a role that eventually went to someone else.


Coming 2 America

Many people might not be aware that Arsenio Hall also portrayed this role, the old witch doctor. He enjoyed insulting Semmi, provoking King Joffer, and claiming that Prince Akeem seemed to have a son in America who he should and thus must find. Just “follow the Thunderbird,” he was supposed to do.

The funniest moment, though, had Baba tricking Lavelle into believing he was ready to be formally circumcised before bursting into laughter and revealing that everything was a test.

In addition to Murphy, Hall also appears in the movie as a few other characters, such as Reverend Brown, Morris from Mr. Clarence’s barbershop, as well as Baba, a shaman who had first told King Akeem that he possesses a son within America whom he was unaware of.

Each character, from Baba’s wrinkles as well as White hair to Semi’s wonderfully cunning methods, is made memorable by Hall’s willingness to perform goofy.

King Akeem

Coming 2 America

Surprisingly, the film’s other characters somewhat overshadowed Eddie Murphy, the reigning king of comedy who’s already starred in innumerable films, yet no one could match his famed humor. He just had a few funny lines for his character.

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Although Prince Akeem was just a newly anointed king attempting to build a reputation for himself and convince his country that he earned it, the majority of jokes were told by others.

It’s unthinkable of to list Eddie Murphy as one of the cast’s least funny actors. Unfortunately, the conversation did him justice. Having said that, several of the other supportive personas he portrayed while dressed as a different person had some very funny lines.

King Jaffe Joffer

Coming 2 America

James Earl Jones dominated every moment he was in, even if he just appeared in the initial few. Even though King Joffer was bedridden as well as near death, he continued to insult everybody, even his son as well as Semmi.

Also, it didn’t seem to stop him from insisting on having an extravagant funeral already when he passed away, replete with him sitting inside a coffin and enjoying performances by Gladys Knight, Salt-N-Pepa, and En Vogue.

King Jaffe resolves to even have his memorial before passing away since he knows his time is short. A multitude of extras and performances are included in the dramatic funeral scene honoring Jones. Brewer claimed that adding Jones to the scenario wasn’t far more challenging.

Trailer of Coming 2 America!

Through this incredible trailer, let’s take in the humor of this best sequel.


What is the IMBD rating of Coming 2 America?

The IMBD rating of Coming 2 America film is 5.3/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the comedy film?

The estimated runtime of the Coming 2 America film is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Who is the director of the film?

The director of the film is Craig Brewer.


Saul, Murphy’s Jewish wiseacre, Hall, as well as Clint Smith wearing old man makeup all seem to be present along with Murphy, who is repeating his part as barbershop B.S. artist Mr. Clarence. They are still debating about boxing and everything else you can remember.

While “Coming 2 America” gives us all these 2021 flashbacks to the folks we recognize, that’s when it is at its finest but also funniest.

The most moving sequence in the movie takes place during a different characteristic to McDowell’s, while Akeem and Cleo—again, portrayed by John Amos—have a chat that includes a touching tribute to the deceased Madge Sinclair.

The movie Coming 2 America is similar to going to a reunion; you’ll appreciate seeing the people you previously had a lot of good times with, and you’ll also realize that the memories of the past are much more satisfying.