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Comcast, T-Mobile To Suspend Internet Data Caps For 60 Days


David Mudd

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected more than 100,000 people worldwide. Spreading at an alarming rate, it instills fear among people. At such difficult times, it is safe to remain home.

This is certainly a difficult task considering human nature. This is a necessary step regardless. Comcast and T-Mobile have taken considerable steps to help users stay connected in these difficult times.

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Comcast and T-Mobile have suspended internet data caps for 60 days in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an applaudable effort considering how the internet is going to play a vital role in denying the virus’s spread. Thanks to the suspension, people can concentrate on work and education without having to worry about the data caps.

The Federal Communications Commission introduced a new pledge to keep Americans connected. As a result, Comcast and T-Mobile, alongside several other companies, have suspended internet data caps.

Comcast Cable CEO Dave Watson stated how important it is for Americans to stay connected for work, education, and personal health issues. He also stated that Comcast’s employees worked in every community as they share the same belief and responsibility of stepping up and helping out.

This was T-Mobile’s response:

Thanks to these efforts, containment of this virus seems plausible. It is advised to stay indoors at all times and to self isolate in case of infection. These efforts certainly help people to understand and take necessary steps. I certainly wish people safety. Do not panic. Good Luck.