Colony Season 4: Is the Sci-Fi Drama Cancelled for Season 4?


David Mudd

Science Fiction dramas are the most watched dramas and lovable series on any platform. Here I came up with the colony series season 4. What do you think will the Colony sci-fiction drama renew after its third season or it end with the third season?

What do you notice in most of the Sci-fiction series? Many Aliens or action science or transformation or fighting scenes are depicted in these types of series.

So in Colony Series, you will see how aliens came to Earth and captured the Earth by ruling it slowly and how the civilians panicked and started to fight against them to make them free or to bring peace to their planet like the previous one. Colony Series came first in 2016 and concluded its whole story in three seasons and ended in 2018.

Let’s move forward to know what is the story of this series who are ready or watching this series for the first time so that they can also understand what is the plot of this loved science fiction drama before jumping to its season 4 release date, renewal or cancellation status and many more.

What Is Colony Series About?

Carlton Cuse And Ryan J. Condal are the creators of this American Colony drama which released its first online episode on the USA Network website on December 15, 2015, and then broadcast it on USA Network in January 2016.

Then after one year, it released its second season and then the following year in 2018 third season came. But when will its new season or the fourth one come? Everyone is craving to know the release date of season 4 as the story is amazing and follows the life of a family who is struggling along with other people to fight against the aliens who captured or occupied the Earth.

Colony Season 4

The main three leading characters are Will Bowman, Katie, his wife and their son Bram Bowman who got separated from them when he was on a school trip and abducted by aliens when he is returning home as aliens thought that he is against them as he is the member of a fighting group.

When the aliens started their dictatorship on Earth Bowman is forced to join the Redhat organisation or group which is formed of collaboration of humans and aliens and their aim is to kill the members of the Resistance.

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While on the other side his wife is a secret member of a Resistance group in which humans join hands to take their land back from the aliens which are captured by fighting against them. So Bowman started killing the members of the Resistance without unknowing that his wife is also in it.

He is forced to do this to save his family and when he comes to know that she is also a part of the Resistance then both join the forces to save his son by giving critical information to aliens on the other side their son also finds a way to cross the wall to enter the city.

Colony Season 4: Release Date

No, the series still remained cancelled after the third season which simply means there is no new season of the Colony series. The story ended in the finale episode of the third season and the USA Network cancelled the series in 2018 on the final episode that it is not returning back for a new season.

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But officially it was not announced but what can we do now as the network cancelled it after 3 seasons? We only expect that a new season may be picked by another platform in near future to renew its fourth season if creators make up their minds to continue the series by adding or giving a twist to this drama. Till then the series remains cancelled and the third season is the last and the final season of this Colony drama.

Colony Season 4

We are expecting to see a new season because many fans have filed a petition to renew the season for the fourth time and more than 48,900 online signatures for petitions have been there. Requests are also done to revive the show or bring back its season 4 to all the OTT platforms and these are also done online.

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Who Will Be the Cast Members of Colony Season 4?

As the season remains cancelled after airing its three seasons so there are no cast members for the fourth season but you can see who are members or actors who performed in this series and these are-

  • Will Bowman is played by Josh Holloway.
  • Katie Bowman, Will’s Wife is played by Sarah Wayne Callies.
  • Their Son, Bram Bowman who is kidnapped by aliens is played by Alex Neutaedter.
  • Alan Snyder by Peter Jacobson.
  • Madeline Kenner by Amanda Righetti.
  • Eric Broussard by Tory Kittles.
  • Grace Kathryn Bowman or young daughter of Will by Isabella Crovetti.
  • Charlie Bowman by Jacob Buster.

Along with these there are more cast members who contributed to this drama.

Where to Stream Or Watch Colony Series?

You can watch this great drama on Netflix, Youtube, Google Play Movies & Tv, Apple TV, Vudu and on Amazon Prime Video.

Colony Season 4: Trailer

There is no trailer for season 4 of the Colony series but you can enjoy its final season trailer which is given below-


Colony Series is a worth-watching show but unfortunately, the series is cancelled you can still enjoy this drama on different platforms which received 7.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDB.

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