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Collision Is Great Film Based on the Action Genre That We All Need!


Collision is an action thriller that can be seen streaming on Netflix. The story follows a senior corporate employee and his socialite wife as they attempt to locate and rescue their abducted daughter.

The child, who is currently in the grasp of a deadly criminal, does not have much time left before she is sent overseas as part of a network that deals in human trafficking.

Collision: Plot

Collision is a drama that takes place in Johannesburg. It begins with a car crash, with a young woman crying from the trunk of one of the vehicles while a man carrying a gun exits the other vehicle.

We are introduced to Johan Greser (Langley Kirkwood), a former member of the military who currently serves as the Head of Security for a very large firm, two days before the incident takes place.

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In the meantime, his defiant daughter Nicki (played by Zoey Sneedon) is troubling her parents by skipping school and hanging out with her lover Cecil (played by Siphesihle Vazi) and Cecil’s pal Thando (played by Mpho Sebeng).

Nicki is kidnapped by a mobster named Bra Sol, played by Vuyo Dabula, who intends to sell her in order to get enough money to pay off a large bribe. Bra Sol is the primary antagonist of the movie.

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In the course of Cecil, Thando, Johan, and Johan’s wife searching for Bra Sol and Nicki, the plot takes a number of twists and turns that eventually lead up to the moment of the accident that was alluded to at the opening of the movie.

Performances In Collision

The ensemble of Collision does not get many chances to showcase their acting abilities throughout the course of the production. The plot of the movie moves at a breakneck speed, which prevents any of the characters from being comfortable enough to convey genuine feelings or behave in a manner that would make the audience care about them.

Dabula, Vazi, Kirkwood, and Sneedon have the greatest screen time, and their performances are rather ordinary when compared to what their particular roles and the screenplay require of them.

However, Dabula deserves special recognition because he is the one who drives the story forward, but despite his best attempts, the narrative cannot be saved by his lonesome actions alone.

In general, the movie is little more than a collection of confused actors who could have excelled in their roles if the writing had helped them out.

Collision has the right idea with its setting, which aims to demonstrate corruption, class gap, deeply seated racism, and discrimination within the country.

Positives Collision has the right idea with its context. The creation of the universe is excellent, and the tension that exists beneath the surface between the competing factions to which the protagonists belong is palpable.

The presentation is pleasing to the eye. The editing, particularly the use of colour grading and camera angles, does a great job of highlighting Johannesburg’s beauty.

Collision: What Critics Have To Say

When it comes to justifying the themes it introduces, Collision fails miserably, even if we believe them to be a constructive aspect of the film. Aside from the beginning process of establishing the world, the movie is only about money and making poor choices.

The writing is quite difficult to understand, there is no consistency in the pacing, and the plot is all over the place.

The portion of the story involving Dinoko, Palesa, and the immigrant uprising comes across as contrived and does not at all synchronise with the primary kidnapping storyline. It would appear that the filmmakers made an effort to do the topics of prejudice and class division in the movie justice, but they were unable to pull it off well. The sensation is like viewing two whole distinct movies while at the same time watching only one.

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Collision suffers from having too much substance packed into too little time, which is a problem that normally makes a film’s run time more entertaining. It makes an attempt to be delicate while also being high-octane, but it is unsuccessful in doing either one. The subpar acting doesn’t help matters either, unfortunately.

Netflix Trailer

Release Date of Collision

This great film was released to be watched by the viewers on 16 July in the year 2022.

Cast of Collision

The name of the cast in Collision is Langley Kirkwood. Johan Grasser Tessa Jubber, Diane Greer, Zoey Sneddon Nicki Grasser, Bonko Cosmo Khoza, Larry, Sebeng, Thando, Vuyo Dabula, Siphesihle Vazi. SameMakhoba, along with a great many other significant figures.


Collision is a disappointing release for Netflix following the success of Trees of Peace, another film focusing on Africa. You can still watch it even if your watch list isn’t loaded, but if you’re searching for something truly outstanding to get lost in, this movie isn’t it.

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