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Code Breaker Season 2 | A Bad Boy Meeting a Bad Girl | What’ll Happen Next?


David Mudd

Supernatural elements, awkward moments between bad boy and a bad girl, or character illustration makes Code breaker, one of the most loving manga series and that might be the reason everyone waiting for the Code Breaker Season 2.

Here in this article, you’ll get to know about all the updates related to code breaker season 2, when it’s coming and how the things proceed when season continues…

Code Breaker Season 2 is nothing else but a manga series which is written and illustrated by Akimine Kamijyo and produced by Kinema Citrus.

Just like code breaker season 1, code breaker season 2 will be available on funimation but when? Keep scrolling to read the latest update.

Season 2 tells the story of a high school girl named, Sakura Sakurakoji. She is trained in martial arts. This story also tells about a male transfer student having mysterious powers named, Rei Ogami.


Code Breaker Season 2 is one of the shows that have a theme of a bad boy meeting with a bad girl. We come to know about some of the supernatural elements when the show progresses. Code Breaker Season 2 is known for its battles (Shounen- like). These are praised for the good choreography and artwork.

As it is one of the most action- packed shows, you might have a good and enjoying time while reading about this show series.

Let’s have a sharp look over the point – what happens in it that makes it more fascinating for all the fans?

What interesting thing (scene) happens in Code Breaker Season 2? | Plot of Code Breaker Season 2

In Code Breaker Season 2, the main character Sakura finds people getting burnt with a flame (bluish). She finds that when she looks out of the bus window.

However, Sakura noticed one boy who doesn’t get burnt in that flame. As the bus passes on the way, she leaves the place but cannot stop thing about it. That complete incident picture revolves in her mind.

After some time, Sakura comes to know that there are no deaths in that incident. It was just a small fire. In her school, she sees someone who is exactly like the boy she had seen at the incident. Also, the left hand of the boy is covered with a glove, which makes the time awkward for her.


Later, we come to know that the boy is a Code Breaker who kills evildoers. On the other hand, Shakura wants to stop him because she is not satisfied with his ways.

The story proves to be interesting for me…… Isn’t for you? I think for you also. Give your reply in the comment box.

It’s time to read the names of the main characters that make this more fantastic for us.

Cast/ Characters of Code Breaker Se ason 2

  • Okamoto Nobuhiko as Rei Ogami
  • Hikasa Yoko as Sakurakouji
  • Hirohashi as Chisa
  • Suzumura as Toki
  • Yukana as Nenene


The above mentioned are the main (leading) characters of this trending manga series.

Now, I think you all are wondering for the upcoming date of 2nd Season of Code Breaker.

When will Code Breaker Season 2 be on our screen? | Release Date of 2nd Season of Code Breaker

The release date of Code Breaker Season 2 is not confirmed yet. There have been so many rumors about the upcoming date but its creators have made no official announcement about it. As if the show does get renewed for the 2nd season, it is expected to come out in 2022 because the animation takes a lot of time.

After seeing the popularity of the series and demands of all the fans, we can expect the premiere of Code Breaker Season 2 in 2022.

So, we have to wait for approximately 1 year to watch this series live on our screen.

Let’s read more about the article to make the day energetic. Don’t you want to see the trailer? I think you all (Okay, not all most of you) want to watch it.

The Trailer of Code Breaker Season 2

The official trailer of Code Breaker Season 2 is not out yet. But, thanks for the strong support of all the fans. You can easily find related info over online. Let me share a video with you to give you some twinkling information related to 2nd season of Code Breaker.

With the help of this video you will get some idea that what will happen in 2nd Season of Code Breaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Code Breaker Season 2?

Code Breaker Season 2 is an interesting manga series.

What is it about?

It is based on the meeting of a bad boy, Rei Ogami with a bad girl, Sakura Sakurakoji.

Final Words

Code Breaker Season 3 is one of the most interesting and joyful series. It is based on the story of a boy and a girl. They both met each other in the school. Before that, the girl noticed him at the spot of fire from the window of the bus.