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Code 8: Why Code 8 Is Trending On Netflix- All About The Movie

Code 8 has been on Netflix for some time now. And now it is trending on Netflix. People are going crazy over it. This movie is science fiction. It is based on a world where people have superpowers.

They are exploited for their powers and are pushed into labor. But this movie was initially short. But then everyone liked it so much that it was cast into a full-length movie. This was done using money generated by general fan support.

From this crowdsourced money, this movie was created. And it rose to be a big hit. But what was about the movie that has made it to trend so much? So, read more to find out.

Code 8

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What Is The Movie Code 8 About?

The movie is set in a very different time. It is about the 20th century. Everyone has a hold of some superpowers of their own. These powers are used in the worst ways possible. They are exercised as working-class labor.

So, this didn't go right with all of them. And Connor Reed teams up with some criminals to stand against this. He is trying to save his ailing mother. But the way he is doing it has forced him to go against the law.

But detective Park stands up against this gang. She tries to trace them and then take them down. However, the movie will make Connor rise to be a criminal. And he will exercise his darkest powers.

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More Updates About It

The crowdsourcing shows that probably there were a lot of people that wanted this movie to happen. This means that this method is extremely viable. So, the makers have given the audience exactly what they wanted.

And this is the best part of it. Also, this might be why the audit has liked it so much. Because apart from the amazing storyline, the movie is built with support. And this support from fans is very important.

The Unlikely Fame Of The Movie

Code 8

Now, the movie was made by crowdsourcing money. Also, this was done using a simple website called Indiegogo. So, this is very unlike that this will happen.

This is the top trending movie in the corner right now. And, it has beaten many top movies. They include Angel is Fallen and event the Hangover.

Now no one expected a Hollywood mega-hit to be overthrown like that.

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