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COD-Warzone: This Trick Let’s Players Speed Up Descent


David Mudd

The young generation is crazy about games and we all are known to that. Form Over watch to Fortnite, PUBG to Halo series, all are a familiar name to gamers. These action games are making players go crazy. There is another name that must need to add in this list. CALL OF DUTY aka COD is already a popular game, but we need to take a closer look at it.

Call Of Duty

Before we go further, we need to know about COD. Call Of Duty: Mobile is free to play first-person shooter games.

This game is developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activism for android as well as iOS 0n 1st October 2019. Call Of Duty already created history on its first launch with 148 million downloads in the gaming world.

As we know it is a shooter game, so it can be played by multiple players. After the huge success of Call Of Duty, the company brought a new update to players. This new update is known as Call of Duty: warzone. And players need to be more attentive to it.

Call Of Duty: Warzone

There are lots of things in Warzone. As we said, players need to be attentive; otherwise, they will be messed up in the game. In this match, 150 players will play in the 3-men squad on the map of Verdansk. But here is the twist.

Along with the main Call Of Duty mechanics, there will be some new elements too. Maybe we can provide some tricks that can help newcomer players to speed up their descent.

Tricks That Can Help In COD: Warzone

  • Sometimes players face problems while they are using the parachute. To prevent this problem and reach their destination on the map they can choose to cut parachute after deployment. Consistency of this move will help the players to stabilize their landing.
  • Players need to get to the ground first for finding better gear or points. They need to observe the opponent’s move and to act according to it to fly down faster. This technique will help in reducing the amount of time in the sky.

Call Of Duty

Though all this sounds chaotic eventually it will help players in the long-run in the game. And players should learn how to use their advantages in a fair game.