Cocaine Bear: Elizabeth Banks is Coming as a Director for This Ultimate Thriller!


David Mudd

76 pounds of cocaine were consumed by a notorious bear in Kentucky which went on a killing spree after ingesting a ton of the drug, according to press reports from last year. The film Cocaine Bear is approaching for those who skipped it or who need a quick reminder.

The official launch date is announced for the thriller Cocaine Bear, which Elizabeth Banks helmed. Charlie’s Angels, Banks’ most recent film to be directed, was released in 2019, and Jimmy Warden, who also wrote The Babysitter: Killer Queen, wrote the script of Cocaine Bear.

The movie is produced by Phil Lord as well as Chris Miller, the brilliant minds behind the Lego movies, but both Queen and Angels received muted reviews. Lord and Miller already have predicted that Cocaine Bear will indeed be insane, so if they do, it’s a good endorsement.

What Will Be the Release Date of Cocaine Bear?

Cocaine Bear

From August 20 until October 17, 2021, Wicklow, Ireland, served as the location for the main shooting. Universal Pictures has set the movie’s theatrical debut for February 24, 2023.

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But “Cocaine Bear” is not a sci-fi or fantastical picture that would require considerable post-production effort, it is expected that only some CGI will be needed for the titular bear, however, it is not yet known how much more the animal will be seen in the film.

In truth, the overdosing bear wasn’t discovered until after it had passed away, however “Cocaine Bear” might change some details of the narrative to include more events about the bear before the overdose.

What Do We Know About the Storyline of the Upcoming Movie?

Cocaine Bear

The new drama is inspired by the weird real-life account of a bear that overdosed on cocaine, but it isn’t the most bizarre thing that happened.

The plot begins with the discovery of Andrew Carter Thornton II, the former paratrooper, attorney, as well as police officer who had become a cocaine dealer, dead in a Knoxville, Tennessee driveway.

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Thornton had a lot of weapons, including a bulletproof vest, thousands of money, and about 77 pounds of cocaine attached to his waist in some kind of a duffel bag. The man abandoned his jet after his parachute failed, and the plane was found 60 miles away.

This brings up the sad bear again. Thornton reportedly jumped out of the plane only with half of something like the 77 pounds of cocaine that were discovered on him. This 175-pound black bear discovered and ate the plane’s lost illegal substances where another half of the cargo fell into the woods along its flight route.

The bear earned the moniker “Cocaine Bear” after information about the incident was made public, and his tale persisted until he was adopted by the Fun Mall near Kentucky.

Who Will Be Seen in the Film?

Cocaine Bear

Many well-known actors are scheduled to appear in the movie, including Keri Russell, who has been in Extrapolations, Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, and Margo Martindale, who has appeared in films like Family Squares and American Crime Story.

Then came Ray Liotta, who had roles in Hanna, Broken Soldier, and Brave New World, Alden Ehrenreich, who had most recently been seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and O’Shea Jackson Jr., who had roles in movies like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Swagger.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson who appeared in Pete the Cat, Kristofer Hivju who was seen in Game of Thrones and Beck, Kahyn Kim last appeared in features like American Gods, and Minsky, and Christian Convery who was seen in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Sweet Tooth.

Lastly Brooklynn Prince from Home Before Dark, The Florida Project, and Scott Seiss.

Trailer of Cocaine Bear!

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the movie’s trailer. Therefore, we must wait for the bear’s rampage.


Is Cocaine Bear’s plot based on a real-life event?

Yes, it was based on an actual incident in 1985 in which an American black bear ate a duffel bag full of drugs.

Which production companies contributed to the film’s creation?

The production companies Lord Miller Productions and Brownstone Productions worked on Cocaine Bear.

What is the main genre of the movie?

The movie falls into Thriller as the main genre.


The true account of “Cocaine Bear” is thrilling enough already, but the new film will probably step up the action and give the plot a little more drama. The Cocaine Bear is one of the oddest real crime stories to have been based on, yet the mystery is still not completely resolved.

The remaining cocaine disappeared, which led many people to blame the unlucky Pablo Eskobear for the entire crime. In addition to his overdose, he is unjustly held responsible for something like the theft of millions of dollars worth of drugs. Over 74 pounds went unaccounted for because he ate as little as a pound of cocaine.