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Climate activist glues his head to ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ painting in The Hague

Again, Climate protesters glued their heads on the famous painting by Johannes Vermeer. A “Girl With a Pearl Earring,” a famous painting by Johannes Vermeer is exploited by climate activists, Although, it’s not the first time things like this have happened. Recently, outrage broke out among climate activists who are trying all the ill ways to get their attention by damaging these paintings. 

Such things are drawing a lot of attention from the people, media, and officials and there has been a huge concern regarding this. 

“How do you feel when you see something beautiful and priceless being destroyed before your eyes?” the protester said. “Do you feel outraged? Good. Where is that feeling when you see the planet destroyed before your eyes?”

An unverified video on social media showed two men near the painting, both wearing “Just Stop Oil” T-shirts. This creates a huge rage among the public who are getting more anxious over such behavior. It is reported that such events are taking place over the great museums. 

One of the representatives of Just Stop Oil in Britain released a statement saying that The Hague has not been involved in this protest, they have denied their role in this case and asked people to not believe on it.  

Gunay Uslu, dutch Junior Minister said “everyone has the right to make a point. But please leave our shared heritage alone. Attacking defenseless works of art is not the right way.”

Social Media is filled with tweets following the incidents, and the video of the accidents has been viral and this has created a huge conflict among the audience. 

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