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Clifford: The Big Red Dog


David Mudd

Nearly about 60 years ago, the Scholastic Book series named “Clifford: The Big Red Dog” debuted. Now, this Book series gets its first live-action cinematic adaptation. This movie attracts an audience of every age as it can be enjoyed by both children and adults at the same time. Hence it’s a family movie. 

This live-action movie was announced in the year 2012 at Universal, but the hands changed and were then handled by Paramount Pictures. Walt Becker was involved in this project around the year 2016. He makes sure that the movie would be realistic and true to the actual portrayal of Clifford in the book series by Normal Bridwell. 

The whole story is all about a girl’s love for her tiny pet, whose name is Clifford. This Girl believes that this red pup is destined to become her best friend, which will happen in the movie further. The whole plot of the movie revolves around this bond between the pet and its owner. 

Trailer of Clifford: The Big Red Dog

The official trailer of this amazing movie was premiered on June 29th, 2021, on youtube by the official channel of Paramount Pictures. The trailer basically gives a glimpse of what the big red dog looks like and how much he is bigger than the normal pups. It is full of comedy, adventure with a hint of magic in it.

On the one hand, the release of the trailer makes dogs quite fearful animals for people. On the other hand, people feel connected to it. They get attracted to its unique color, cuteness, charm and are touched by its gentle and loyal spirit. 

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Adaptation of Clifford: The Big Red Dog

the picture book of clifford: the big red dog
Starring Clifford from the children’s picture book

This movie “Clifford: The Big Red Dog” by Paramount Pictures is a live-action adaptation of beloved children’s picture-book series based on the giant red dog. This classic children’s book series was first published long back in the year 1963. 

That book series is written by a writer named Norman Bridwell, an American author and cartoonist. “Clifford: The Big Red Dog” is one of his best-known, best-selling, and most famous book series. 

Through this live-action portrayal of this book series, everyone can see their favorite big red dog, Clifford, on the big screens.

Also, Georgia Ball, a comic Writer, and Chi Ngo, an illustrator, adapted the particular film into a graphic novel entitled by the same name published one month before the film release.

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Director of Clifford: The Big Red Dog

director of clifford: the big red dog
Featuring the Director, Walt Becker

If we talk about the director of the movie “Clifford: The Big Red Dog,” it was directed by an American film director named Walt Becker. Becker creates content for numerous platforms, and along with it, he is well known for his directing skills as well. 

Walt Becker is a multi-talented man, he is a director, screenwriter, producer, and author as well, whose films have earned close to a billion dollars worldwide.

From comedy genre to unscripted to live-action to animated, Walt Beckers directing work possesses varieties of genres. Some of the best-known works of Walt Becker include ‘Van Vilder’ starring Ryan Reynolds and ‘Wild Hogs’ starring John Travolta and many more. 

Also, we can predict the success of the upcoming live-action/CG film adaptation of “Clifford: The Big Red Dog,” by Walt Becker by looking at the millions of views on the movie’s official trailer. It would surely be counted amongst the best works of Walt Becker.

Being a good director, Walt Becker always endeavors the best possible version of an idea. He always looks for an opportunity to experience new things and experiment with new things while being responsible for bigger-picture goals.

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The Cast of Clifford: The Big Red Dog

a glimpse from clifford: the big red dog
Featuring Clifford, the big red dog who will replace Godzilla in a hilarious way!

Here is the list of super fantastic cast members you will see in “Clifford: The Big Red Dog.”

David Alan Grier as The Voice of Clifford, a Dog

David Alan Grier voices Clifford, a dog in the upcoming movie of Paramount Picture. Being a voice actor, his voice work for Clifford is exceptionally commendable in this movie. 

Otherwise, he is an American actor, voice actor, and Comedian. He is well known for his sketch comedy in the television shows named ‘In Living Color,’ ‘Damon,’ ‘A series of unfortunate events,’ ‘The Carmichael Show,’ and many more.

He was first known for his dramatic work, but then he shifted his interest towards comedy. David Alan Grier provides the movie with the animal vocal effects for Clifford, a dog who was once the size of a pony until he grows up to be a big giant dog. 

Darby Camp as Emily Elizabeth

The role of Emily Elizabeth is played by Darby Camp in the upcoming live-action movie “Clifford: The Big Red Dog.” She started her acting career as a toddler along with her mother and elder sister. Acting is her birth gift. She worked in many local commercials and print ads. 

By the time she evolved her acting skills. She started working in the television and film industry. Darby worked in the award-winning HBO series named ‘Big Little Lies.’ Alongside worked in Netflix’s holiday hit ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ as well.

The latest project she is working on is Paramount’s “Clifford: The Big Red Dog” starring Emily Elizabeth. She plays one of the main characters. She is a guardian of her tiny pup named Clifford in the movie. 

As per the trailer, Emily Elizabeth was portrayed as different from all other kids, struggling to fit in at home and school. She discovers a magical pet shop where she chooses Clifford to be her brand new pet.

When Emily Elizabeth wishes for her puppy to become big and strong enough so that he never gets bullied. Her wish becomes true and her pet transforms into a giant but sweet dog.

Jack Whitefall as Uncle Casey Howard

This live-action adaptation also stars Jack Whitefall. He is provided with the role of fun but impulsive Uncle Casey in the upcoming movie named “Clifford: The Big Red Dog.” He started working in his childhood in various television dramas as a child actor. 

He then decides to enter into the field of ‘stand-up’ comedy. In 2012, he was awarded as a king of comedy by the British comedy awards. This is one of the most prestigious awards.

As per the trailer, he is portrayed as Emily’s clueless Uncle and guardian. He doesn’t have any idea about what’s going on and what to do, which makes the trailer a bit humorous. He is a fun and comic character in the movie. 

He is also one of the main characters of this movie. Both he and Emily, the heroes, set out on an adventure that keeps you stuck to your seat while watching this beautiful movie.  

John Cleese as Mr. Bridwell

John Cleese is assigned the role of Mr. Bridwell, who is portrayed as a magical animal rescuer. John Cleese has multiple skills in him. Along with being an English Actor, he is a Comedian, Screenwriter, and Producer as well.

Mr. Bridwell is the mysterious old man whom Emily came across. This is the one who gives the red color of pet dog Clifford to Emily Elizabeth. He promised Emily that the growth of her pet depends on how much she loves him, and the dog grows enormous in size. 

Also, this is the only point from where the plot of the story started building up.

Izaac Wang as Owen Yu

Izaac Wang was portrayed as Owen Yu, who played the role of a boy living in a next-door apartment to Emily’s apartment. He is a Laotian-American child actor. ‘Good Boys,’ ‘Infinity Train,’ and ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ are some of his best-known released works. 

In 2019, he was cast for Paramount’s upcoming movie “Clifford: The Big Red Dog.”

“Clifford: The Big Red Dog,” Release Date

Now the wait is over! You won’t have to wait for too long to see the live-action adaptation of your favorite childhood book. This super fun movie hits the theatre on November 4th, 2021. 

This movie would be released in the United States by Paramount Pictures in the English language. The work of making this movie started in 2012. 

The movie was first decided to be released on September 17th, 2021, but because of some pandemic-related issue, the release date was postponed to the date mentioned above.


Are you excited about its release? If yes, then it’s cool, but if not, then do give the trailer of the movie a watch, trust me, you are surely going to be. Only some of the movies would be assumed to rock the theatres, and “Clifford: The Big Red Dog,” by Walt Becker is one of them only. 

This comedy and the super fun movie would relax you, comfort you, and make you laugh so much. The movie would be worth every penny you spend to buy its tickets. It is going to be a nice watch.

Do watch this movie when it gets released at your nearby theatres in the United States. And stay tuned for further updates.

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