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When TNT’s blockbuster drama “Claws” launched in 2017, the audience had no idea what they were getting into. Up until the series premiere, executive producers Eliot Laurence and Rashida Jones kept the series’ major revelations a well-guarded secret. The deeper plot of the criminal organisation that was brewing underneath the surface was obscured by the bright nails, provocative cast, and Palmetto scenery on display.

The show, which is hosted by the vivacious Niecy Nash, is centred on her character, Desna Simms, and the close-knit group of people who work at her salon, Nail Artisans. They are a diverse bunch of pals who get together to form an unusual group of teammates. Over the course of three seasons, viewers have gained a better understanding of Desna’s relationship with Jennifer, Polly, and Quiet Ann. Desna and Virginia, the newest member of the sassy squad, have developed a sort of mother-daughter relationship, which we’ve witnessed develop.

Claws Season 4

As Desna attempts to expand her company and establish herself as a badass boss, she is frequently distracted by the demands of her strict brother, Dean, the waning affections of her gangsta boo Roller, and the Palmetto boss who is a continuous thorn in her side, Uncle Daddy, among other things (Dean Norris).

Following the announcement of the renewal of “Claws” for a fourth and final season on TNT, the coronavirus pandemic forced the show’s cancellation. As various shows hurried to get back on schedule, viewers were eager to find out when the glitter nail gang will make a triumphant return to the small screen. Here’s what we know thus far about the situation.

When Will the Fourth Season of Claws Be Released?

After an exhausting year of reruns of reality shows and athletic events, television viewers will finally be able to enjoy the return of their favourite programmes. Fans were left eager for more as Season 3 ended in a literal blaze of glory, despite having plenty of time to catch up on the dramatic adventures of the French Tip troop on streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix.

A new season of “Claws” will premiere on TNT on June 6, 2021, according to the network’s announcement. Seeing as how this is the series’ final season, fans are eager to find out which characters will take their final bows and how this season will play out. When Nash directed the Season 3 episode “Zaddy Was a Rolling Stone,” she told Black Girl Nerds about the joy she brought to the New Orleans set, saying, “I brought in a second line band for them because it’s New Orleans and that’s how you celebrate people who you love.”

“I brought in a second line band for them because it’s New Orleans and that’s how you celebrate people who you love,” she added. The last season of the show, hopefully, will provide Nash with another opportunity to use her directing abilities.

Claws Season 4

Who Will Be a Part of the Claws Season 4 Ensemble Cast?

In her role as matriarch of the buxom brood, Nash is certain to make a comeback. Desna has a lot of loose ends to tie up because one of her businesses is in flames and the other is constantly on the verge of collapse. The support of her closest friends, Jennifer (Jenn Lyon) and Polly (Carrie Preston), will ensure that she is prepared to confront whatever difficulties would certainly arise in her life.

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Given that star Karrueche Tran has lately uploaded many racy Instagram photographs from the Virginia-inspired account, it is predicted that the show’s youngest nail tech, Virginia, would make a splash in its upcoming third season. In addition, Harold Perrineau will reprise his role as Desna’s brother Dean, whose rising self-assurance and independence caused Desna a great deal of heartache in Season 3.

Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) underwent a significant emotional metamorphosis in Season 3, following the discovery that she was pregnant and the death of her husband not long after. In Season 3, her relationship with Desna deteriorated, and the season ended on a confusing note for the two characters. Fans will have to wait until the new season to find out whether or not she and Desna are able to mend their relationship.

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The show’s characters, Desna and Roller (Jack Kesy), eventually allowed their love to flourish after spending the previous two seasons in an erratic seesaw relationship. Roller, on the other hand, fled the scene after getting into trouble with the cops. He bid Desna goodnight, promising to return, but it’s impossible to predict whether or not the shirtless stud will return.

What Is the Plot of Claws Season 4 Going to Be?

Throughout Season 3, Desna appeared to be surrounded by the tragedy at all times. Although there were some bright points, such as when Roller confessed his feelings for Desna and Desna moved into a luxurious penthouse apartment, the season proceeded to slide downward for Desna as she witnessed Virginia take a bullet to save her life. It is likely that the lows will be resolved in the final season because they were so ingrained in the third season.

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A notably tense relationship developed between Denton and Desna throughout Season 3, and while they were able to rebuild their sibling love by the season’s end, Dean’s obstinate attitude may produce a long-lasting schism between him and his sister in any future episodes. The fact that Virginia decided not to marry Dean left Dean distraught, and it is possible that he will discover new love during Season 4.

The nail tech crew’s most profitable business was destroyed by fire at the conclusion of Season 3, and healing the emotional and financial damage caused by this loss could play a significant role in the Season 4 storyline. Roller was arrested and charged with the murder of his cousin Clint, which was committed by Uncle Daddy’s teenage lover Toby (Evan Daigle).

Although Uncle Daddy released Toby, the Husser family’s dynamic was shattered by Roller’s repeated lying. A likely emphasis of the future season could be Uncle Daddy’s possible efforts to repent himself in order to improve his connection with Jennifer’s spouse Bryce (Kevin Rankin).

Claws Season 4

“Claws” has the potential to end on a high note, which would be appropriate for a show that contains equal parts comedy and intense drama. During an interview with TV Insider, Harold Perrineau discussed his expectations for the series conclusion. And while the former “Lost” star would want to see the show come to a conclusion with a victory, he is “not 100 per cent certain” that this will happen. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long for the ferocious conclusion to this spectacular adventure, which will take place in the upcoming violent final season.


Desna (Niecy Nash) and her former consigliere Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) were teased in the last season of Claws, but the show’s final episode concluded with a group of malefactor manicurists escaping… despite the show’s promise of a bloody final battle between Desna (Nash) and Quiet Ann (Reyes). 07-Feb-2022