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The Showtime drama “City on a Hill,” which is executive produced by two Massachusetts natives, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, is set in early 1990s Boston, at a time when crime is on the rise and law enforcement tends to look the other way, if not actively participate in outright corruption. Damon and Affleck are both from Boston. But when former Brooklyn lawyer DeCourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) is promoted to Assistant District Attorney, she forms a partnership with the unscrupulous but earnest FBI veteran Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) in order to bring justice to Beantown, everything changes.

“City on a Hill,” which includes plenty of thick Boston accents, drinking, and tense armed robberies, will appeal to lovers of “The Departed,” “The Friends of Eddie Coyle,” and Affleck’s own Charlestown-centered film, “The Town,” among other films. A 76 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes was also given to Season 1, while an AV Club critic praised the show’s March 2021 premiere, stating that “Kevin Bacon’s Jackie Rohr begins her sophomore session with the brazen confidence of Kevin Bacon’s Jackie Rohr.”

Here’s what we presently know about Season 3 of “City on a Hill,” which premieres in May 2021 and will officially conclude in May 2020.

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City On A Hill Season 3 Release Date

City On A Hill Season 3

Deadline reported in June 2021 that the Showtime network had approved Season 3 of “City on a Hill,” which will consist of eight episodes and air in the fall of 2021. Despite the fact that the second season ended only a few weeks before the renewal announcement, it already looked like a foregone conclusion that the show would be renewed, given the positive critical reception it garnered as well as the popularity of stars Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge.

Fortunately, when compared to the time between Seasons 1 and 2, viewers will most likely not have to wait as long for Season 3 to premiere. The first season began in August of this year, while the second, which was delayed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, premiered in March of this year.

At the time of the renewal announcement, Deadline projected that filming for the third season of the Showtime drama would begin in New York City in late 2021 and conclude in late 2022. That looks to be the case, as filming appears to be continuing as of late January 2022, according to a video update from the set released by Bacon on Instagram. With filming well underway, it is likely that Season 3 of “City of a Hill” will premiere later in 2022, as Deadline reported earlier this year.

And Now It is Finalised that it is coming on July 10 at 10 p.m.

“SHOWTIME has announced that the third season of its acclaimed Boston drama series CITY ON A HILL, starring Emmy(R) nominee Kevin Bacon and Screen Actors Guild(R) award winner Aldis Hodge, will premiere on Sunday, July 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and the network has released a first-look trailer for the new season. The series also stars Jill Hennessy, Lauren E. Banks and Matthew Del Negro, and joining the cast this season as guest stars are Emmy nominee Corbin Bernsen, Joanne Kelly and Ernie Hudson. Season three consists of eight one-hour episodes.

Season three of CITY ON A HILL brings us to Boston’s high society Beacon Hill. Having left the FBI and thrown his badge into Boston Harbor, Jackie Rohr (Bacon) lands a lavish new gig running security for a wealthy family. Life is good until secrets begin to unravel. When an investigation opens, ADA Decourcy Ward (Hodge) sees an opportunity to finally rip out the machinery perpetuating a broken criminal justice system. Siobhan Quays (Banks), representing a construction worker who was severely injured on the Big Dig, encounters the city’s corruption firsthand, all while coping with the traumatic events of her past year. As Jenny Rohr (Hennessy) can attest, given her history with her father, some experiences will haunt you beyond your breaking point.”

City On A Hill Season 3: Cast

Season 3 of “City on a Hill” will almost certainly see the return of the majority of the regular cast. We know Kevin Bacon is reprising his role as Jackie Rohr because of the actor’s recent Instagram activity. It also feels secure to go to bed. Season 3 will see the return of Aldis Hodge in the role of DeCourcy Ward, Lauren E. Banks in the role of Siobhan Quay, and Jennessey in the role of Jenny Rohr. The role of Father Doyle, played by Mark Ryder in Season 2, is also expected to return for a third season.

City On A Hill Season 3

Amanda Clayton’s Cathy Ryan, on the other hand, is unlikely to be among the returning cast members, given her character appeared to have abandoned Boston and the programme in the Season 2 conclusion, “Pax Bostonia.” Grace Campbell, the activist character played by Pernel Walker, may also have played a role in the plot, having witnessed her gang member sons Anton and Kelvin die in horrific circumstances. It appears that the storylines of both of the characters have reached their logical conclusions, however we won’t know for sure until Season 3.

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City On A Hill Season 3: Plot

The final episode of Season 2, “Pax Bostonia,” concludes with several of the characters appearing to have reached a dead end, while others are attempting to find a way to move on. Siobhan (Lauren E. Banks) appears to be working for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Season 3, much to DeCourcy’s (Aldis Hodge) dismay, as this will almost certainly result in the continuation of their professional animosity.

As a result, FBI Agent Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) is no longer in possession of his badge, which he threw into the lake in true “Dirty Harry” fashion at the close of the previous episode after damaging his career at an OPR meeting. Season 3 might show the agent delving even deeper into corruption or possibly abandoning the Bureau and striking out on his own in order to make a name for himself. After spent so much time straddling the border between corruption and the law, it would be fascinating to see Jackie as a rogue agent of sorts.

Season 2 also established strands of storytelling about the Irish Republican Army (IRA) as well as the corruption of the Catholic Church, all of which are extremely pertinent to Boston history and which might be explored in depth by the writers in Season 3. For the time being, if you merely want to catch up on the show, both seasons are available to watch on Hulu for free.

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City on A Hill Season 3: Trailer

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