Chucky Season 3: What Exactly Happened To Nica?



The fans of the horror drama series were thrilled to hear the announcement of Chucky season three. There is no doubt that people absolutely love horror, and drama series and that’s the reason why series like Chucky or Worldwide are popular. The first season of the thriller horror show has been officially released and fans have highly appreciated it.

After the two successful seasons, affairs started to speculate regarding the future of the show. As the third season of the series is finally here, a lot of people have been waiting to hear the announcement of more details. Despite the series having only released its three episodes, we can clearly see that it was filled with a lot of questions that remain unsold in the minds of the viewers.

The story of Chucky gets exceptionally tricky with its main character and the supporting cast of the show. We saw how in 2013, Fina Dourif got her popularity, after being one of the main cast of the show, Nica Pierce. At the start of the series, the fans witness how her corrector is just like a normal woman, whose life has turned upside down after being tangled with murderous Chucky.

Nica Pierce, played by Fiona Dourif, daughter of Brad Dourif, has been a confusing character since the start of the show. Her voice resembles the voice of the doll. Since the very beginning of the series, we watched how the character has a tough time, making everyone question her ability.

We watched how the character was framed for the murder of her whole family, making her the prime suspect in the crime. Not only this, but she was committed to a mental institution, sexually abused by her psychiatrist, possessed by Charles Lee Ray, and is now being held captive by Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly). 

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With everything happening, Nica remained truthful in her life and gave her all the courage to do so in life.

In the series, we watched how Nica is committed to a medium-security mental hospital, where the doctors revealed that all of her idea behind the doll and its possession is just a mental disorder, created in her head of Nica.

We also post how the doctors framed her for the charge and suspected her of being the prime killer of her family. It was also revealed that Chucky was simply nothing but a way to hide her crime. We also voiced how the series continues to show the horrific events of the characters, where it was seen, the patients were cutting their wrists.

Later, it was revealed that every single event of the series, continuing with the murder of the family and the behavior of the patients, was done by Chucky.

We also watched how Chucky was alive and was framed to come to kill Chucky. In the later episodes, we watched how  Chucky took over Nica’s body, his voodoo magic allowing him to make use of the woman’s paralyzed legs, and escaped with Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly).

At the end of the series, it was believed that Nica, somewhere was taking control of her body. This is revealed when Ms. Valentine’s horrific incident is shown in the finale of the show.

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For the next few years, we watched how Nica spent her life at the lavish Beverly Hills estate, which is owned by Jennifer Tilly. If you have watched the show, Tilly’s body is currently possessed by Tiffney. Things began turning suspicious when the detective came and started to ask some pointed and detailed questions.

this creates more suspicions on them. Their questions were mainly based on the whereabouts of Nica, as Tilly was the last one to see Nica before Nica killed everyone in the hospital. Finally, the truth came out when Tilly revealed everything but on the contrary, he was murdered by her.

The series finally revealed how she and Chucky are working together, and now Tiffany is getting what she truly desires.

In an interview, the show maker confirmed by saying, “I want to do both,” the showrunner said at New York Comic Con last week. “That’s my biggest dream, is to be able to have it like Marvel. To have the television series going on, movies happening, maybe other TV spinoffs happening. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? But that’s all up to you guys, so please watch the show, so that [Chucky] can take over our lives even more. “