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Christopher Meloni:Actor Voices His Frustation Over The Trump Administration On The Pandemic.


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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Alum Christopher Meloni Fires off Hot Takes About Donald Trump, Coronavirus Crisis

Christopher Meloni,aka the famous NYPD detective Elliot Stabler in the legal series Law and Order, long known as the mega-Trump-hater,has again come up in news with a flasing tweet wherein he very politely(note:VERY politely) asks President Trump ‘shut up you fu****g d***.
I know. Subtle indeed.

The Origin Of Hate For Trump.

We often hear Trump uncannily talking of sealing borders in a process to stop the immigrants from entering The United States. His utter dislike(read:hatred) for Muslims and South Americans alike haven’t quited escaped the public eye.

This follows after Donald Trump talks of building a wall between The United States and Mexico as part of National Security to stop,what he calls,’invasion’. And also,what he has been aiming to do since his presidential election days in 2015.

Long Woven Dislike Of The Christopher Meloni.

Christopher Meloni

Christopher Meloni has never backed off from showing his political fervor and his obstensive hate for President Trump.

Take for instance, this one time when he tweeted about having seen Trump enter an NBC party glancing sideways to make sure everybody had noticed him and calling the act at once fascinating,futile,surreal and attention seeking.

The Situation In The Backdrop In Trump’s Reign.

Having spoken of Christopher Meloni rage,it is not one of entire uselessness,i’d have to add,for this wall possesses an excruciating distress to the immigrants,as such.

Meloni goes on to tweet a short video of Trump’s speech calling him a piece of shit, wherein Trump mentions,his seemingly unnecessary impeachment distract the government from the fatal rise in cases of COVID-19,which could have otherwise been control meticulously .

To this,one fan reply ‘A piece of shit can still be use as a fertilizer. But Trump? He is useless’. Ouch. Too rude?

Christopher Meloni

Progression Of Taunts In Series Against President Trump (Christopher Meloni)

This is followed by another tweet of the NBC detective where he condemns Trump of leaving the country in a whirlwind and hitting Virginia to play golf the coming weekend.

He accuses Trump’s faint leadership,calling him a hoax who has evidently no sorrow whatsoever as his country is shattering,health workers labouring night and day and people sitting unemployed. All he is potentially worried about is how far his golfing practice aces.

Being the brazen and hot-headed man that he is,fans are excited to see him starring again as detective Elliot in the 13th season of HBO’s Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,this year.

In a time of uncertainty to life and avoidance of even the normal utilities in life,fans are going whacky on hearing about his supposed return.

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Christopher Meloni

Atleast something’s cherishable,eh?