Chris Distefano Wife: How Old Is Jazzy Distefano’s Husband Chris Distefano? The Family Tree Of The Comedian Is Quite Interesting!


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Christopher Paul Anthony DiStefano is a comedian from the United States who is known for his stand-up routines. DiStefano started out as a stand-up comedian on MTV’s Guy Code and MTV2’s Girl Code when he first entered the entertainment industry. 2019 will see the debut of Chris DiStefano’s first one-hour stand-up special, titled Size 38 Waist, which will air on Comedy Central.

His devotees have an unhealthy preoccupation with the details of his private life. As a direct result of it, here is a glimpse inside the personal life of the funny guy.

Jazzy Distefano, Chris Distefano’s Wife, Is She?

On April 17, 1984, Jazzy Distefano, who is now known as Jasmine Canuelas and is married to Chris Distefano, was initially given the name Jasmine Canuelas by her parents, Edward Distefano and Liz Canuelas. Her younger sister is Jessica Canuelas, and the two of them enjoy a good bond with one another.

The transformation that Jazzy has undergone as a result of being a Zumba instructor has had an effect not just on her own life but also on the lives of others who study under her. The celebrity wife opens up candidly about how her hobby that blossomed into a career helped her get through the postpartum depression she experienced after giving birth.

She has developed a way of losing weight that she calls the Jazzymethod. In this program, she combines music with her weight reduction package so that people can work out in an effective manner while also having a good time. She has been able to distinguish herself as a fitness specialist thanks to the assistance that she provides to pregnant women.

Chris Distefano is the author of the novel Jerry’s Uncle TiTi

TiTi Jerry, Chris’s transgender uncle, is a well-known figure in the community.

There are times when she will refer to herself as Jerry or JLO. She had always been aware that she had no interest in females, but it did not change the fact that she admired them. During her time behind bars, Ti Ti came to terms with the fact that she was lesbian when her mother paid her a visit.

She is thankful that her mother has never judged her and has always accepted her for who she is.

Chris Distefano’s Family is Quite Interesting.

Chris Distefano Wife

His family consists of his mother and father, his wife, and their three children. On the other hand, his transgender uncle has managed to capture the attention of the general public thanks to her eccentric personality and status as a viral online phenomenon.

Chris and his wife first crossed paths in a bar, where they immediately struck it off and went on to become a friendship, a relationship, and ultimately marriage.

Since 2013, the charming pair had been seeing each other, and in 2015, after a little ceremony, they tied the knot. In May of 2015, the couple gave birth to their youngest child, a girl named Delilah Distefano. Chris also has a son from a prior relationship, thus Delilah is his second child overall. His first child was a boy.

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Jazzy Distefano Net Worth

It has been stated that Chris Distefano has a net worth of three million dollars. His most significant source of income comes from hosting television shows and special episodes on a variety of comedy networks. Chris got his start in the entertainment industry working in a local comedy club, where he penned and performed a number of short comic screenplays.

Jay Leno’s talk programs served as an inspiration for the vast bulk of his routines. After attending some of the best comedy clubs in the country and watching the acts of other comedians, he made the decision to perform himself.

In a similar vein, the comedic actor established himself as a notable figure after hosting the Fencing Masters US Olympics in the year 2010. After demonstrating his skill as a presenter, Chris quickly rose to become the most in-demand celebrity host available at the time. After that, in 2011, he served as the host of the NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship. In the same year, he gave his first performance of stand-up comedy. Since he was featured in an episode of the second season of the hilarious reality show “Guy Code,” which airs on MTV2,

The playwright made his way back to hosting in 2012, but this time it was for a comedy program. On Broadway, he hosted the “March Madness Comedy Competition” while performing at Caroline’s. Because of his comedic talent, he became one of the most popular hosts, and he was able to entertain people with his wit.

This was due to the fact that he was able to make people laugh. He was the ideal opening act for the performances that were being put on by Richard Lewis, Gilbert Gottfried, and Artie Lange.

Chris has been a frequent guest on the radio show that is co-hosted by Gregg Hughes and Jim Norton and is called “Opie with Jim Norton.” Additionally, he has long been a supporter of the satellite radio service Sirius XM. Chris was given a role on the MTV show “Girl Code” in the year 2013. The show was a spin-off of the original series “Guy Code,” and it focused on the bonds between women. After that, he did a performance that lasted for a total of ninety minutes at Comic-Con 2013, which took place in San Diego, California.

In addition, the artist’s piece that received the greatest attention in 2013 was the theme song for the CBS late-night talk show “Late Show with David Letterman.” Additionally, he appeared on the show as a guest artist, and it was his very first significant appearance on television. In addition to that, he hosted the pre-VMA party for MTV called “Charlamagne & Friends.” In the third and last episode of the series ‘Guy Code,’ which was released in the fall of 2013, the episode was titled ‘Guy Court.’

In a similar vein, one scene in the play took place in a courtroom, and it featured men being found guilty of breaking the rules. Chris appeared in the show in the dual roles of the judge and the prisoner. Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave was the name of the sports talk show that he began hosting at the beginning of the year.

Melanie Iglesias, who is an actress, came there to accompany him. After that, he was cast as Anthony Pucillo in the comedy series “Benders,” which led to his subsequent success.

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