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Saloni Singh

India, the land of holy people and great soul, remained the birth place of numerous Cyrenaics since a long time ahead.

Whenever the loss of righteous, justice and religion increases on this earth also God sends his holy soul to annihilate injustice and immorality and to enlighten people, society and this world regarding the God and His training. So that other people may lead a life.

 Then Devi ji is the perfect epitome of over said words. At a age when a child remain dependent on its parents slightly for speaking, at similar age Devi ji has successfully sermonized so numerous” Bhagwat Kathas“. She has got addicts across the world. Lots of addicts convey their deep reverence for Devi Ji.


Devi Chitralekha Ji Birth

 On 19th January 1997 Devi Chitralekha ji( an enlightened and sacred soul) was born in a Brahman family from sacred womb of Smt. Chameli Devi woman of Shri Tikaram Sharma vill Khambi, District Palwal, Haryana( India). This holy vill comes in the circumference of Aadi Vrindavan. Due to this fact Devi ji has got Brij’s all Divine culture spontaneously.

After her birth lots of famed saints and anchorites came to her house to get a regard of this miraculous girl. They well completely bedazzled by her supernatural symptoms and made a vaticination” she would surprise the people around the world as a great” enlightened person” in the near future”.


Devi ji was initiated in GAUDIYA VASHNAVISM( innovated by Chitanya Mahaprabhu) when she was just 4 times old under the guidance of a Bangali saint called Shri Shri Girdhari Baba. In her family her parents and grandparents were formerly veritably religious.

 When she was 6 times old, she went to Barsana to attend Ramesh Baba’s( an recognized saint of Brij) sermonizing program with her parents. also in the last of sermonizing, Ramesh Baba handed over mike to Devi ji and asked her to say commodity.

In obeisance to his directives she had spoken there for nearly half an hour perfectly and made all the people present their magical. also Ramesh Baba himself blessed Devi ji and praised her. All people were astounded by her stunning performance.

On that day everyone realized that Devi ji could also sermonize. latterly on her practitioner ji( spiritual schoolteacher) organized first sermonizing in Tapovan near Vrindavan( where katyani devi meditated for 6000 times constantly to get Lord Krishna in the form of her Husband.).


Everyone was spooked indeed Devi ji’s parents were also that she couldn’t deliver 7 day’s” Shri Bhagwat Katha“. Her parents prompted to the practitioner ji” we must organize 2 day sermonizing program rather of 7 day’s Shri Bhagwat Katha”.

But practitioner ji had full faith in her godly powers. He raised his both hands and said” it is my blessing that 7 day’s Shri Bhagwat Katha will remain successful because” Radha Mata” has shown me in my dream that flowers rain will fall then from heaven”.


 There’s no member in the family who knows how to sermonize” Bhagwat Katha” & play music, while Devi ji is completely able in sermonizing, playing harmonium( musical instrument) and sings religious aswell.Regarding” Bhagwat Katha“, Devi ji isn’t tutored” Bhagwat katha” from anywhere.

Whatever she has done, is doing and will do in near future, everything is inspired by godly blessing of God. Her practitioner ji formerly suggested to Devi ji’s parents that they would not have to shoot her for any kind of education to anywhere.

But Devi ji is a person of opinion that indeed when” Shri Krishna” also went to” Sandipni Ashram” for advanced education also why shouldn’t she. That is why she goes to a public academy for her education.

 So far devi ji has circulated the” Name of God” in numerous areas of India like Bihar, Haryana, Delhi, uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Rajasthan, Nagaland, Punjab and substantially in entire Gujarat and piecemeal from that devi ji has delivered converse in foreign countries likeU.K., Africa and USA( Florida, Texas, WashingtonD.C., Maryland, New jersey, New York, Indiana, Boston).

 One and only object of her life is to spread the surge of” Radha Krishan” and” Hare Krishan Mahamantra” in the entire world till the last of her life. In obedience to her practitioner’s will, she’s completely occupied in this pious work.


Did Devi Chitralekha Marry a Muslim Motorist, Social Media Post Is Fake

 It can be easily seen that then a model is wearing exactly the same outfit and hijab, which is seen in the viral picture. The wallpaper on the wall in both the filmland is also the same. It’s clear that in a picture taken from a fashion composition on Muslim misters, the face of the model has been removed and the face of Devi Chitralekha has been replaced.

It clears that the claim of Chitralekha marrying a Muslim is false/ fake. The print that’s being participated with this claim has also been prepared with the help of editing software. The original picture was of a model performing costumes for Muslim misters, in which the face of the Chitralekha was fixed.

 Some Unknown Data about ChitalekhaJi

  •  An enlightened soul was born to veritably religious parents and grandparents.
  • Sacred soul was born with Brij’s all Divine culture.
  •  DeviJi was initiated in Gaudiya Vashnavism when she was just 4 times old.
  •  She gave her first preaching at the age of 6 times.
  •  piecemeal from India, Chitralekha travels across the world for sermonizing.
  • She has innovated a trust ” World Sankirtan Tour Trust ” to spread Harinaam over the globe.
  •  At veritably youthful age, Chitralekha has also innovated a sanitarium for Helpless and sick cows named ‘ Gau Seva Dham Hospital “.



DeviJi is prominent Shrimad Bhagwat Katha dominie and spreads Harinaam over the globe. She’s veritably notorious for Sankirtan Yatra. Devi Chitralekha is a notorious and youthful monk of India.

She’s also known for her motive speech. It’s believed that at the time of the birth of Goddess Chitralekha, some well- known pundits visited her home. At that time she was thankful as if there was commodity special in this girl. Since also, he came to be called miraculous.

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