Chinese charging network operator YKC releases new corporate video


Mohit Kamboj

On December 18, 2023, YKC officially released its new corporate video. As a provider of new energy vehicle charging services and energy management solutions in China, YKC actively responds to the era’s theme of green transportation integration through its own actions, demonstrating the responsibility and commitment of charging network operators under the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

Gathering momentum to build the largest public charging network in China

In October of this year, data released by the Ministry of Public Security showed that the number of new energy vehicles in China has reached 18.21 million. With the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, the importance of charging infrastructure construction is becoming increasingly prominent. Upholding the initial mission of “making charging better, making energy more efficient”, YKC continues to promote the construction of charging infrastructure in over 380 cities nationwide. From 240,000 terminals in November 2022 to 420,000 terminals in November 2023, the number of charging terminals connected to the YKC platform has grown by an impressive 75% compared to the previous year. The number of charging station operators partnering with YKC to build the national charging network has also increased by nearly ten thousand compared to the same period last year. According to data from the China Charging Alliance, from June 2023 to November 2023, YKC consistently ranked number one in terms of the scale of public charging terminals connection nationwide. Driven by both policies and the market, as well as the choices and trust of users and customers, YKC has rapidly built the largest public charging network in the country.

Source: “Operation of Electric Vehicle Charging and Swapping Infrastructure Nationwide in November 2023”

Leveraging full-stack capabilities to build a comprehensive product ecosystem that empowers the entire industry

Relying on the current largest public charging network in the country and a forward-looking energy management layout, YKC has developed comprehensive one-stop solutions to meet the needs of industry ecosystem development. Currently, YKC has built full-line products, technologies, and services around “charging station life cycle services”, “charging platform products and services” and “energy management solutions”. It is committed to an all-capability model, forming an industry cooperation ecosystem that reaches government and enterprise clients, charging station operators, charging pile manufacturers, new energy vehicle manufacturers, new energy fleets, commercial and industrial customers, as well as equity customers across the upstream and downstream sectors.

Leading the future, connecting the entire path of urban carbon-neutral transportation

Currently, YKC has become an important strategic partner and charging service provider for over 85% of China’s mass-produced new energy vehicle manufacturers and hundreds of new energy fleet companies. It has established deep cooperation with major government and enterprise clients such as China Tower, Hainan Haiqi Transportation Group, BP China, and CDCI. In the future, YKC will continue to deepen its cultivation and exploration, build a more competitive national charging network, and work together with industry partners to construct the complete path towards carbon-neutral transportation. It is committed to creating a new city model for transportation and energy systems.