Chicken Tikka Masala vs Butter Chicken: What Is the Exact Difference?


Saloni Singh

Indian food surprised the world with the novel taste and smell of its tasty dishes. And keeping in mind that they are unmistakable, separating a portion of the dishes can be a test to some. We’re considering two explicit, comparable food here, in particular butter chicken and tikka masala. With their orange tone and sweet-smelling smell, these two rules as the absolute most well known Indian supper recipes.

No mystery butter chicken vs tikka masala is a conversation that has been happening for a surprisingly long time. Presently, now is the right time to settle that disarray. In this article, we’ll discuss their similitudes and contrasts in cooking techniques, arrangement, and the sky is the limit from there.

Read on more and figure out everything you really want to be aware of these very much cherished dishes!

What Is Butter Chicken?

Butter chicken (generally known as murgh makhani) is a kind of curry dish that began in Delhi, India. While butter chicken isn’t unbelievable in numerous nations, it has its reasonable part of varieties like many dishes. Butter chicken is remarkable to various areas in India, each with its own form of the dish however the thing that matters is unpretentious.

chicken tikka masala vs butter chicken

In any case, as a general rule, it’s made of chicken pieces marinated in sweet-smelling curry flavors, for example, garam masala, turmeric, cumin, ground coriander, and then some. The chicken pieces are then absorbed a smooth, gentle flavored tomato sauce-based curry made more extravagant with butter, yogurt, and cilantro.

Whichever variety you make, you can constantly coordinate it with a bowl of feathery basmati rice or garlic butter naan bread that you can dunk in the curry sauce. Because butter chicken is orange (once in a while leaning to red) in variety, it’s constantly contrasted and at times thought equivalent and chicken tikka masala.

What Is Tikka Masala?

Like butter chicken, chicken tikka masala is chicken lumps (chicken tikka) in a rich curry sauce. To make this dish, the chicken pieces are first marinated in garlic, ginger, bean stew pepper, and other curry flavors. In the wake of marinating, the chicken is barbecued first before covered in rich tomato-based curry sauce.

Regardless of what you might think, tikka masala is certainly not an Indian dish. Indeed, you heard us right. Right now, its starting point is loaded up with numerous secrets. Food students of history, notwithstanding, guaranteed that it very well may be dated back to a little eatery in Glasgow during the 1970s.

Some case that the dish is English while some say it’s Indian. Whichever, most would agree that tikka masala is an astounding combination of English and Indian cooking that a considerable lot of us appreciate. With everything taken into account, this combination dish is presented with a buttery, yet hearty sauce with an unmistakable hotness that came from curry flavors.

chicken tikka masala vs butter chicken

Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala: How Are They Unique?

Butter chicken and tikka masala seem to be indistinguishable because they are both curry dishes with a similar orange/red tone. What many don’t know is that their distinction did not depend on the fixings used or their appearance, however on the sum used for a portion of its fixings.

This makes sense of why the principal contrast between butter chicken and chicken tikka masala is their flavor. Butter chicken preferences somewhat sweet and has a rich velvety flavor. Chicken tikka masala has a somewhat spicier and hearty taste.

The two dishes use chicken, tomato glue (a few forms use other tomato-based sauces, for example, passata), garam masala, yogurt, ginger, and that’s just the beginning. Be that as it may, butter chicken uses chicken with bones still flawless. Tikka masala, then again, uses boneless chicken.

Moreover, how much tomato used in each dish likewise shifts. Butter chicken uses lesser tomatoes which is the reason the tomato flavor that we get in butter chicken is moderate.

There is likewise more butter used in butter chicken that slices through the fieriness and naturalness of the flavors – the principal justification for why despite the fact that it’s a curry dish, its intensity isn’t quite as evident as chicken tikka masala.

In the mean time, chicken tikka masala has serious areas of strength for a flavor with particular heat thanks to the curry flavors. Basically, tikka masala is a tomato-based curry though butter chicken is a butter-based curry.

chicken tikka masala vs butter chicken

Tikka Masala vs Butter Chicken: Which Would It Be Advisable for You To Attempt?

To address the inquiry, both are delightful in their own particular manner. Albeit the two dishes appear to be identical and for all intents and purposes use similar fixings, they’re not made to exhibit similar flavors.

Butter chicken is creamier, better, and less hot. Then again, chicken tikka masala is made with flavors and fixings that complete one another so it has a more grounded zest flavor that is intended to be tasted, not cut and adjusted, unlike butter chicken.

Which Is Ideal?

This asks the well established question: Butter chicken vs tikka masala – which of the two dishes is the undisputed hero of the curries? There’s no simple method for positioning them. They are both remarkably delectable by their own doing. Everything relies upon your taste buds and your liking for extreme flavors.

chicken tikka masala vs butter chicken


Other than the way that chicken is the principal fixing in the two dishes and butter is used in only one of the recipes, the glaring distinction between them is that butter chicken can be made with the chicken bones left in. Interestingly, chicken tikka masala is ordinarily boneless.

One way or the other, both are incredibly delightful and fringe habit-forming.

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