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Chicago Fire Season 12: Will There Be Another Season for the Firefighting Franchise?

Chicago Fire might soon be back to the screens with fresh seasons on NBC following yet another protracted summer break. This September, the long-running program will premiere its eleventh season, but viewers are already thinking in terms of the future and speculating about Chicago Fire season 12.

The first episode of Wolf Entertainment‘s Chicago program, which centers on several Chicago government agencies, is released. Inside the fictional Firehouse 51, Chicago Fire Department firefighters, rescuers, as well as paramedics lead both private and professional life.

Along with Chicago Med as well as Chicago PD, two of its own One Chicago sister programs, it’s doing fairly well. Let’s see what the new season of the show has in store for us.

What Will Be the Release Date of Chicago Fire Season 12?

Chicago Fire Season 12

Chicago Fire Season 12 hasn’t yet been confirmed by NBC. The sitcom received a multi-season extension from NBC in 2020, ensuring that it will continue to air until its forthcoming eleventh season.

Chicago Fire has reentered the market with season 11 debuting this fall, while NBC will decide the show’s future in the coming months as even the network starts to make choices about its content schedule.

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Even though NBC hasn’t yet announced any extensions for the 2022–2023 season, it is quite improbable that Chicago Fire would be canceled. Therefore, presuming the filming would happen the next year, we could anticipate the release of Chicago Fire Season 12 around 2024. Simply a Hunch!

What Do We Currently Know About the Chicago Fire Season 12 Storyline?

Chicago Fire Season 12

Season 12 has not yet been renewed, hence we are unsure of its content. To comprehend the show, let’s talk about the final info we had regarding the Chicago Fire.

The last thing we saw was Severide, and he was being questioned by a grand jury about Campbell. The firefighter notices one of Campbell’s men carrying a knife as he arrives to give his evidence. During their altercation, Severide kicks him, sending him into his demise through a window.

Although everyone convinces Severide that the killing was in self-defense, Severide remains visibly distressed by having killed a man. The police inform Severide that Campbell, who assaulted a fireman in the presence of witnesses, has already fled the Windy City.

Casey comes to the rescue when the beautiful wedding location unexpectedly meanwhile, Severide as well as Stella’s big day is drawing near, and old friends Casey, as well as Brett, will be returning to the city for the occasion. Top Man Casey finds it difficult to comprehend that Severide is truly getting married.

He informs his friend that it has been interesting to see Severide transform after Stella entered the life that helped him become a better guy. Severide responds since his departure, the station has changed and won’t change again come unusable by locating a boat and then a ship captain who really can marry the pair.

Just before even the ceremony, Severide receives another delightful surprise, a video chat with his mother, whose been supposed to shock him but whose flight had been delayed. She now accepts the notion that it was at least single Severide guy is the marriage-minded type.

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Stella informs Boden that he is the closest equivalent she has to a father and that he will be walking her across the aisle. The bride and groom then exchanged vows. A strange truck appears as they get to Severide’s cabin for some alone time. Brett and Casey confront their unstable situation back at the wedding.

He wished she might have remained in Portland with him permanently. He’s where he’ll be supposed to be, she said to Violet, a father fighting fires. Yet Brett is permanently returned to Chicago because that is where her reality is.

The battle against Emma continues everywhere. At his wits’ end, Hawkins approaches the superiors and volunteers to take the blow. In the meantime, Violet scolds Emma for being insane if she doesn’t understand that if she takes Violet’s place, all of 51 will pursue her.

Emma remembers her soldier father saying that it doesn’t matter whether the guy sitting beside her appreciates her or not. You get to be home whenever you fight. Nevertheless, you need to stay in the fight for that occurs, something Emma does not accomplish.

Throughout a rescue call, she flees, leaving Violet and even a woman giving birth amid flames. Hawkins was done caving to Emma’s demands since the other firefighters recognized her for what she truly is and has given Emma instructions to clean up her locker.

Eventually, Casey offers Gallo his favorite axe in a beautiful, small moment. He is pleased that Gallo is remaining with the truck since, if he is unable to attend, he is happy the 51 is in capable hands.

He then informs Gallo that he’s joined the old guard. We can presume that season 11 will pick up the narrative where it left off, and season 12 would follow.

Who Will Be There in the Main Cast of the Show?

Chicago Fire Season 12

Although the cast has yet to be announced, it is safe to presume that perhaps the major protagonists will return for the upcoming season. At first, we can see Lt. Kelly Severide who will be played by Taylor Kinney.

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As Deputy District Chief, Eamonn Walker worked for Wallace Boden and Kara Killmer in the role of Sylvie Brett. Further, we got to see David Eigenberg as Lt. Christopher Herrmann, Miranda Stella Kidd, portrayed by Rae Mayo, and Joe Minoso seen in the character of Joe Cruz

Then we may also get to see Randy “Mouch” McHolland who will be played by Christian Stolte, Daniel Kyri in the role of Darren Ritter, Alberto Rosende playing the character of Blake Gallo, and Hanako Greensmith as Violet Mikami.

Trailer of Chicago Fire Season 12!

Since the season 12 trailer has yet to be released, let’s watch the season 1 trailer instead.


What is the IMBD rating of the Chicago Fire show?

The IMBD rating of the Chicago Fire show is 8.0/10.

What are the show’s primary genres?

Drama and action are the primary subgenres of the program.

How many Chicago franchise shows are there?

Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice make up the Chicago franchise.


It will be fascinating to see whether NBC chooses to extend the sitcom for numerous seasons once again or if the broadcaster chooses the more traditional one-season extension. We bet on the program receiving a multi-season extension once more, which would help stabilize the sustainability of the One Chicago brand.

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