Chelsea Lazkani Net Worth: Early Life, Career, and Personal Life!


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Chelsea Lazkani, a British-Nigerian woman who is married and has a child, is also a top-tier realtor in addition to her other responsibilities. As far as real estate is concerned, Lazkani is carving out an impressive niche for herself in one of the world’s most competitive industries. After joining the show as a realtor for the episode Selling Sunset, Chelsea Lazkani has become the show’s newest agent and cast member.

The real estate market has welcomed Chelsea back to the market after she relocated from England to Los Angeles to care for her two young children. Five years of expertise under her belt has prepared her to take on some of the most prominent West Coast properties.

We’ve learned the hard way in previous seasons that being the new kid on the block isn’t always easy. While Lazkani is in a relationship with herself, this is not the case with anybody else. She has met the new manager, Jason Oppenheim, because Jeff introduced him to the team.

When Lazkani joins Christine Quinn’s team at Sunset, she brings five years of high-end real estate expertise to the table. When she’s in front of the women of The Oppenheim Group, a mother of two who used to work for a huge corporation isn’t hesitant to speak her mind. The Oppenheim Group.

Early Life

Chelsea Lazkani Net Worth

The British-Nigerian realtor, who is originally from London, studied economics at Birmingham University in England before becoming a real estate agent.

A corporate executive in Lazkani’s mother’s Oppenheim Group profile pushes her to examine “what may be possible for her own life,” and Lazkani accepts the challenge. Because she grew up with a father who is a real estate developer, architect, and engineer, she was involved in the sector from a young age.

Chelsea grew up in the northwest of London, where she was born and raised by Nigerian parents in the Mill Hill neighbourhood of the capital. Furthermore, she is a British citizen who, as a first-generation immigrant, has earned an American “passport” as a result of her British citizenship. After finishing both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the United Kingdom, Chelsea moved across the pond to pursue her MBA in California.

Lazkani has worked in the oil and energy industries since entering them, and he has also worked in the real estate market. She even has an MBA in international oil and gas management from the University of Dundee in Scotland, which she earned while living in the country.


Chelsea is a remarkable success story, having earned degrees from both the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom and the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom. She formerly worked for Rodeo Realty, a real estate company based in California, before joining the Oppenheim Group. After concluding that it was the right time, she accepted a position with Oppenheim Group.

“I saw this as an opportunity to open doors in an industry that has historically lacked diversity and where minorities are underappreciated,” she stated in an interview with People magazine in March 2022. Every great chance, in my opinion, comes with a significant amount of responsibility. This was an opportunity for me to give back, to teach and mentor others, and to actually advance the status of Black women in the luxury real estate industry. “I was able to deal with that because I was aware that I was on a higher mission,” she says.

Personal Life

Chelsea Lazkani Net Worth

Jeff Lazkani, Lazkani’s one-year-old husband, proposed to her in 2017. Lazkani accepted. Almost exactly a year after their wedding, in 2017, the couple welcomed their first children, Maddox and Melia, who appear briefly in Season 5 but could potentially return in future seasons. It was necessary to have a caesarean section to deliver their children, Maddox Ali Lavon (in January 2019) and Melia Man (in November 2020).

Jeff introduced Chelsea to Jason Oppenheim through his marketing and advertising company, Icon Media Direct, while Chelsea was just beginning out in the real estate sector. Chelsea returned to the real estate market last year after taking a sabbatical to care for her children for several years.

Her Net Worth

Chelsea has established herself as a well-known real estate agent in Los Angeles. Chelsea Lazkani has a net worth of $500,000, which includes all of her assets and real estate.

Chelsea works as a real estate agent, but Jeff is a successful businessman who makes the majority of his income from his company. Chelsea and her spouse, according to sources, have a combined net worth of more than $1 million.

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