Cheese In The Trap End In Suspense| Will There Be Season 2?

Korean Television series are getting names in the world with their unique storyline and amazing cast. Cheese in the trap is one of those TV series that has been popular among the youth. The show casts Park Hae-jin, who acts as a rich intelligent guy. The show is created by Lee Yoon-Jung who is a well-known director of South Korean dramas. 

The series is actually based on a Korean webtoon that shares the same name. The webtoon is created by Soonkki. Talkin about the series, the show revolves around the romantic and thriller life of Yoo Jung and  Hong Seol. Hong Seol is a hard-working girl who falls for Yoo Jung but later feels different and starts to find his true intentions.

The show was surely amazing, that’s why the audience was left crazy over season 2. As the series has already launched its first season with a suspicious ending, the fans want to know whether there will be season 2 or not? If you are also having trouble finding out about Cheese in the Trap Season 2 then you are at the right place.

In this article, you will be going to clear all the news about the upcoming season 2. Interested to know? Stay till the end 🙂

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Cheese in the trap – A Complete Summary!

cheese in the trap

A South Korean Tv series that was first released on 4 January 2016. The series was adapted by the Korean webtoon by the TvN network. The webtoon was first released in 2016 and was in the limelight till the end of its release which was 2016. Cheese in the Trap was based on the webtoon but it didn’t follow the story completely. 

The ending of the show was quite different from the webtoon because, during the time of the publication and casting, the story of the online novel was not being created. The creators of the show have given a different ending to the show as the novel has something else in mind. 

Talking about the storyline, the show ended in a suspicious manner leading the public suspicious and curious about the ending. 

After the ending, the show admirers are finding clues whether they will get another season or not. We will take a look at that topic in the later section of the article.

Cheese in the trap – What is the Storyline?

cheese in the trap

The story of Cheese in the Trap would sound like the normal Wattpad story. I don’t know what is so addictive about these rich man poor woman types of stories but as a reader, I always fall for them. Thinking that this one is the 2016 series, I can totally understand the storyline. 

The story of Cheese in the trap follows Yoo Jung who is a popular and rich high schoolboy. His personality is rather cold and bad boy type. 

On the other hand, we have Hong Seol as a female lead and you would be glad to know that this drama was her first debut in K-dramas. The storyline of this starts with these two being in the same high school. 

Seol is a very silent and decent girl whereas Yoo Jung is completely opposite to her. Everything seems normal but Yoo Jung finds the other side of the male lead. She started to notice how he is a real monster and often tricks people for one. 

There was one incident in the cafeteria where he intentionally threw coffee at a girl and laughed sarcastically but also showed that he was guilty. Seol who was sitting there and seeing all this found the incident well-planned and weird. 

He started to think of him as a rich and spoiled kid. But things turn different when Seol falls into the problem and Jung helps her. He started to feel that Jung is a nice boy but the people surrounding her wouldn’t let him think of that.

The show moves further and whenever Seol would fall into any trap or problem, Jung would be there to help her. She started to meet him often and they both started to spend time more and more. Seol started to change her feelings and thought about Jung and they two were very happy. 

Then there is the introduction of two other casts Baek-In-Ho and Baek-In-Ha who are the siblings of Jung and in reality, they were adopted by the Rich Jung Family. While these three are siblings they never shared a sibling bond with Jung as he was more of an arrogant and old person.

They even dared to ask Seol to stay away from Jung as he is not normal and they really cared about her. These thoughts and talks about Jung Started to confuse Seol in the story.

After several episodes, Jung reveals his true intentions and why he acts so arrogant. He said that as he was born in a rich family, everyone takes advantage of his wealth and popularity. Whoever he met in life tries to take advantage of him since his childhood but Seol isn’t like this. 

She has never talked about anything and never into money. 

That’s the reason why he truly cares for her and likes her. As the story moves forward you will love how it is shaping the whole plotline. The creator has truly done an amazing job making this series and the casts have wonderfully acted. The k-drama tells us how a girl has manipulated a person to change completely and how a boy removed all his insecurities and started to love.

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Cheese in the Trap Season 2 – What is the Release Date?

cheese in the trap

Season 1 ended in 2016 and after that, there is no official news about the show. The show ends in a typical manner that makes the audience realize that there are chances of season 2. With the story being finished in the half and not a perfect ending, the audience wants to have another season. 

It’s been 5 years and there is no information about season 2. While it is already seen earlier that K-dramas rarely put another season for their shows, there is still hope. As the ending of the cheese in the trap is quite different from the webtoon, we don’t know what would happen after.

If there will be any updates regarding season 2 then I’ll let you know.

Cheese in the Trap Season 2 – What is it about?

cheese in the trap

If there will be season 2 of the Cheese in the Trap it would definitely take over the story from where it ended in season 1. The audience would love to see more romantic scenes between the main protagonists. 

Personally, I want to see how the creators will adopt the story from that time to now. As there are many advances and changes in the likes and dislikes of the people, it would be great to see that. 

What are the ratings of this show?

The rating of this show is pretty normal with IMDb rating the show 7.4/10 and MyDramalist giving the show a 7.6/10 rating. With these ratings, you can think the show is pretty decent and one can completely go for it.

Coming to the fan’s reaction which says that they loved this show and want another season. The fans of the Cheese in the Trap have rated the show with 4.5 stars which are again amazing. 

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Final words

Cheese in the trap is a South Korean drama that was released in 2016. After the show ends with 16 episodes, the audience was thinking of another season. The show makers are yet to make any statement on this topic. There are constant talks going around about season 2. 

The show is available on the popular online Streaming platform Netflix and if you haven’t watched the show yet, you can go and watch it there.

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