What To Know What We Know About Cheer Season 2?


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The first season of the program debuted in January 2020, right before COVID-19 struck. The national cheer competition was canceled as a result of the virus, and college campuses switched to virtual learning.

Plans for the upcoming seasons were placed in even more doubt after a high-profile affair involving a cast member. There are still many unanswered questions regarding “Cheer” Season 2, but here is what we do know thus far.

When Will Cheer Season 2 Be Available?

Similar to the two-minute and 15-second dances the Navarro Bulldogs practice all year just for the chance to compete at Nationals, the six-episode run of the show was brief but effective.

The television show “Cheer” immersed viewers in the highly specialized and competitive world of college cheerleading, particularly the microcosm of Navarro, through a combination of intense athletic sequences and in-depth looks into the personal lives and backgrounds of five cast members.

Since Monica Aldama took over as head coach in 2000, the team has won 14 championships. Her combination of tough love and fierce devotion to her “kids” immediately made her a character to watch.

It seems sense that COVID-19 would delay filming because the show is set on a college campus and has a significant competition that draws athletes from all around the world to Daytona, Florida. Aldama expressed her displeasure to TMZ after it was revealed that the championships would not take place in March 2020.

Cheer season 2

Given how things have developed and the unpredictable political climate in our nation, she claimed that this decision was inevitable. “But my heart is breaking for the memories and the time I’ve lost with my wonderful team.

I wasn’t prepared to leave that abruptly.” But she did give a glimmer of optimism for the future of the team. I am confident that we will return stronger than before.

The Navarro squad has reportedly returned to Daytona for the 2021 Championships, via Monica Aldama’s Instagram. Fans may at least tune in here for the time being, even though we are unsure if Netflix has been following the team while they train.

Who Plays What Role in Season 2 of Cheer?

We got to know the characteristics of five outstanding cheerleaders and the struggles they had on their journey to Navarro, which is what made the characters in “Cheer” so fascinating.

Each cast member had a different experience that inspired them to succeed “on the mat,” from Morgan Simianer, who was raised by her grandparents after being abandoned by her parents, to La’Darius Marshall, who coped with an alcoholic mother and the struggle to embrace his queerness.

It’s unknown who else might return, though Lexi Brumback, who left Navarro at the end of the season after being found in possession of illicit substances, and Morgan chose to remain in Corsicana for another season.

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However, it’s safe to presume that if a second season happens, one cast member won’t be coming back.

Jerry Harris was detained in September 2020 on suspicion of viewing child pornography. He currently faces seven more accusations, including soliciting sex from a kid during a cheerleading competition in 2018, when he was 18 years old.

Before the claims, Jerry was arguably the show’s most well-liked character, and his fellow cast members expressed amazement at the information.

La’Darius stated in a statement, “I feel as like I have had the wind knocked out of me. “I know all too well the pain of enduring this form of abuse and the challenges it can generate for life following such trauma,” said the victim of sexual assault as a youngster.

On Instagram, Gabi Butler shared her response: “I have alternated between sobbing uncontrollably and attempting to understand how something like this could have happened ever since I got the news.

To be clear, even though Jerry and I were teammates and good friends, I was never made aware of any of the alleged incidents.”

What Routines Are in Season 2 of Cheer?

Coach Monica is an essential part of “Cheer,” and we would wager that she will return if the show is renewed.

Aldama is still working at Navarro, donning masks while doing so, and undergoing frequent testing.

Even her latest vaccination was mentioned on social media. Her Instagram photos show that the team’s routines continue to be daring and remarkable, pushing the limits of physical prowess and sportsmanship.

The group’s enthusiasm and motivation enhance their performances; in fact, part of what makes their routines so amazing to witness is the screams and smiles that come from the stage.

Cheer season 2

The concert is obviously about more than just the routines; it’s about the effort, blood, and tears that go into perfecting their performances.

“Cheer” is about the challenges that come with striving for greatness, even when perfection is the end objective. Even if the flawless routines are astounding, it’s the accidents, setbacks, and uncertainties that make the performance so compelling to watch.

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Hopefully “Cheer” will return soon with more daredevil acts.

Where Is the ‘Cheer’ Season 2 Cast Currently?

If you haven’t watched it yet, it might be a good idea to go back and watch it now to avoid being spoiled for the Cheer Season 2 finale, which features a power struggle that rocks North Texas.

At Daytona Beach, Vontae Johnson and TVCC triumph won, leaving Monica Aldama and the Navarro Bulldogs, who had previously held the championship, to compete for their next victory.

What has happened to the teams following the spectacular competition in April 2021, though? Find out who is returning to practice for the upcoming season and who has maybe permanently left Corsicana.

Maddy Brum From Navarro the Cheerleaders

As promised, Brum is back at Navarro to seek the elusive championship ring in 2022. We’re eager to see her soar high once more after watching her cheer at football games and hanging out with her Bulldog besties.

Jennifer Rupert

Rupert, a fellow pilot who is likewise prepared for a dub, joins Brum. She is returning for 2022 despite a difficult conclusion to this season and is looking forward to “how much [she] has learned this year.”

Cassadee Miller-Dunlap

Miller-Dunlap continues to support for the University of Central Arkansas even though she has moved on from Navarro. Additionally, she and Rupert seem to still be best friends because the two just went boating.

Brooke Morosca

Morosca is currently a cast member for the Disney College Program after switching to the University of Tennessee. Morosca posted an update on her Instagram about her stay on the program:

“It was difficult for me to see this season and relive some of the challenging times I went through at Navarro. I had a lot of struggles behind the scenes with both my physical and emotional health, but I tried to be optimistic for both myself and my team,” she added.

Gabi Butler

Navarro’s preferred cheerleader has left the premises. Butler is utilizing her extra year of eligibility at Weber State University, which other college athletes gained as a result of the epidemic. She has been honing her abilities there while yelling at football games.

La’Darius Marshall

Marshall has been mentoring the next generation with Cheer Athletics Pensacola, just as he revealed at the conclusion of Season 2. Who knows, they might turn out to be the Navarro cheerleaders of the future.

He has claimed that he is acquainted with TVCC opponent Jada Wooten. It appears that he is still friends with Butler despite their separation and that they spent Thanksgiving together this year.

Morgan Simianer

Simianer has been booked and busy since she graduated from Navarro in 2020; she has collaborated with Conair and Scünci to launch a line of hair care products, and she has been sponsored by companies like OPI and St. Ives.

She still finds time for her squad though, supporting Navarro in 2021 while referring to herself as a member of the “Spectator All-Stars.”

Payton Sykes

Sykes now competes with the Woodlands Elite Gunsmoke club squad after spending two years with Navarro.


Why is Lexi Absent From Season 2 of Cheer?

She has kicked off the team in Season 1 after being found to be intoxicated, and while she returned in Season 2, she finally decided not to do so when the COVID epidemic ended the 2019–20 season.

Who Won Cheer’s Second Season?

By the start of Season 2, Monica Aldama-coached Navarro Squad had won 14 national championships. Quite literally, Season 2 begins where the previous competition season left off, with the Navarro team just coming off its fourteenth triumph.

Whom Was Season 2 of Cheer Devoted to?

Fans are curious about Messai Mkria and his relationship to the Netflix reality series because he was honored at the end of Cheer season 2 for his contributions.

Those who watched the second season of the popular Netflix documentary series Cheer may have noticed a dedication screen.

What Happened to Vontae in Season 2 of Cheer?

In preparation for defending his championship in 2022, Vontae Johnson Johnson, the head coach of TVCC, is still in place. He has been spending his free time with his TVCC family.

He responded to some of the online comments regarding his appearance on Cheer on Twitter.